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The Greatest Stories Never Told: A Comic Book Legends Collection

by  in Comic News Comment
The Greatest Stories Never Told: A Comic Book Legends Collection

Very often during Comic Book Legends Revealed, I touch upon comic book stories that, for one reason or another, never got made. The greatest stories never told. Reader Freedy asked if I could collect them all together. This is that collection.


Click on any story description to go to an old Comic Book Legends Revealed explaining why we never saw that particular story…

Alan Moore’s Twilight of the Superheroes

Grant Morrison and Mark Millar’s “Evil Professor X” storyline

Kurt Busiek’s Avengers: World in Chains

The original mysterious X-Factor villain before it was changed to Apocalypse

Chris Claremont’s original plans for the X-Men versus Fury

The original version of the Green Lantern storyline, Emerald Twilight

The original Venom

Cyclops and Jean Grey’s marriage in X-Factor

Steve Englehart’s Daredevil on the West Coast Avengers

Barry Windsor-Smith’s LifeDeath III

Barry Windsor-Smith’s Hulk

The original ending to the original Avengers vs. X-Men

Mark Millar’s Secret Society of Supervillains

Larry Hama’s Fury Force

Marvel Treasury Edition: Marvel Superheroes At the Summer Olympics

A DC Comics anthology starring the newly-acquired Charlton characters

John Byrne’s original Kang/Immortus Avengers West Coast storyline

Rob Liefeld’s Teen Titans

The Original Ending for Armageddon 2001

Showcase #50, the debut of Yankee Doodle!

Christopher Priest’s Justice League Task Force mini-series spin-off starring Mystek

Nightcrawler’s original birth parents

The original version of the Spider-Man storyline, Sins Past

Alan Moore’s original Watchmen pitch

Wolverine’s first origin

The first Young Avengers series, including the son of Fin Fang Foom!

Ferro Lad is revealed to be black

Nightcrawler’s original superhero team

Yellowjacket II joins the Thunderbolts

Grant Morrison and Mark Millar’s Marvel 2099

Kitty Pryde in the Fantastic Four

Superman reveals his secret identity to Lois…in 1940!

Mister Sinister’s original origin

Gambit’s original origin

DC Comic’s The Kingdom…the Ongoing Series

Captain America is replaced by Black Crow

Tom Fontona’s Batman graphic novel

Roy Thomas’s black Captain Marvel series

John Byrne’s Captain Marvel series

Xena/Wonder Woman

Chuck Dixon’s Captain America

Sequel to Batman: The Cult

The original origin for M and Penance in Generation X

The Savage Silver Surfer

DC Comics’ Crisis of the Soul

Ghost Rider/Casper the Friendly Ghost

Peter David’s Supergirls

Brian Michael Bendis’ original Spider-Woman series

Phil Jimenez’s Global Guardians

The Death of Storm

Daredevil’s 1980s animated series

Erik Larsen’s Elektra is a Skrull storyline

Neil Gaiman’s Phantom Stranger

Dazzler – The Film

Dazzler as the fifth member of X-Factor

The sexuality of Harbinger’s leader revealed

Ann Nocenti and Art Adams’ Longshot II

Steve Gerber’s 1980s return to Howard the Duck

The Death of Aquaman

Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy’s Elric

Howard Mackie and John Byrne’s erasure of Spider-Man’s marriage

Mephisto originally behind the Clone Saga

Chris Claremont and Rick Leonardi’s Phoenix

The death of Anole in New Mutants

Marlon Mayans as Robin in Batman Forever

Chuck Dixon’s Marvel horror team

Mark Waid’s original plans for Kang and Thanos in Captain America and Ka-Zar

Mark Waid’s original plan for Onslaught

Daredevil as the Mayor of New York

Dick Grayson’s original fate in Infinite Crisis

The death of Falcon

Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Mark Millar and Tom Peyer’s Superman 2000

Nightwing and Starfire’s wedding

Cable revealed as Stryfe

Chris Claremont’s plans had he not left Uncanny X-Men

Gregg Schigel’s evil Starfox

Fabian Nicieza and Erik Larsen’s X-Factor

Captain America’s 1990s animated series

Adam X the X-Treme the Third Summers Brother

Apocalypse the Third Summers Brother

J.M. DeMatteis’ Books of Magic

Tim Drake as the Blue Beetle

Jack Kirby’s Future Captain America

Greg Weisman’s Black Canary

Neal Adams’ God Loves, Man Kills

Warren Ellis’ End Times

Jack Kirby’s Valley Girl

Grant Morrison’s U.S. Zoids

Larry Niven’s Guy Gardner

Superboy TV series in the 1960s

Adventures of Super-Pup the TV series


Steve Seagle’s Phoenix storyline in Uncanny X-Men

Psylocke’s death in Psi-War

The Death of the Black Cat

Alan Moore/John Byrne Superman title

Bob Layton’s Spider-Man Graphic Novel

Apocalypse in Weapon X

Iron Fist’s return in the Avengers

Wonder Woman and Green Lantern as a couple

Adam Strange on L.E.G.I.O.N.

John Byrne’s Batgirl

Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s Aquaman

Walter Simonson’s Saga of the Vengeance of Thor


Art Adams’ All-Star Batman and Robin

Jack Kirby’s original ending to his Fourth World Saga

John Byrne’s Northstar

The Death of Jimmy Olsen (from AIDS)

Sara Grey as the fifth member of X-Factor

She-Hulk TV series

John Byrne’s Invisible Woman mini-series

Jeph Loeb and Paul Smith’s Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman series

Kurt Busiek’s Y2Kang

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