The Greatest Stories Ever Told!

Welcome to a new month-long feature here at Comics Should Be Good for the month of May!

Beginning today, each day you will get a chance to vote on the greatest ____ stories ever told!

The ____, of course, will be filled in by a different comic book character or creator each day!

You will have a week to vote each time (except for the first day, as I'm doing two voting entries - so you'll have just six days for the first one) by sending your ten favorite comic book stories starring that character or written or drawn by the featured creator to bcronin@comicbookresources.com.

So starting May 1st, the first results will be up and then each day in May you'll see a new The Greatest ____ Stories Ever Told!

Neat, huh? It's like the Top 100 Comic Book Storylines, only A. It's character/creator specific and B. It's open to ALL stories - even one-shots!

Read on for more detailed rules and a list of the characters and creators who are currently open for voting!

Here's how to vote and what constitutes a "story."

1. Number a list from 1 to 10, with your favorite comic book story #1 and your tenth favorite comic book story #10. E-mail this list to bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Only votes e-mailed to this address will count.

2. Since this is a lot shorter of a voting period than typical and the topics are much more narrow, I figure that there will be a lot more close calls, so I'll be breaking all the ties as I see fit.

3. A comic book story can be as small as just a one-off story or a one-shot or an annual or an original graphic novel, and as long as a storyline that continues for up to 12 issues in one title (an exception to the "one title" thing includes instances like the Magus Saga beginning in Strange Tales and continuing to Warlock's own (resurrected) book or Batman's first battle with Ra's Al Ghul taking place in both Detective Comics AND Batman).

4. A storyline can go over 12 issues if it specifically labeled as such. Stuff like Seven Soldiers, for instance, could count as one storyline, as that's how it was intended (and how it was labeled).

5. However, since we're being so specific to each creator here, you can't just say stuff like "Warren Ellis' Authority" - you have to pick one of his two Authority storylines. Similarly, you can't say "Ellis' Planetary." In that case, just pick the story you liked best.

6. When listing your stories, just try to make it clear what you're talking about.

7. I'll make various other judgment calls as I see fit.

Here are the results of all the Greatest Stories Ever Told votes!

1. Batman!

2. Peter David.

3. Punisher.

4. Steve Englehart.

5. Darkseid.

6. Ed Brubaker.

7. Black Panther.

8. George Perez.

9. Joker.

10. Warren Ellis.

11. Thor.

12. Geoff Johns.

13. Beast Boy/Changeling.

14. Chuck Dixon.

15. Magneto.

16. Len Wein.

17. Supergirl.

18. Rogue.

19. Keith Giffen.

20. Marv Wolfman.

21. Flash (Wally West).

22. Roger Stern.

23. Kingpin.

24. Peter Milligan.

25. Green Arrow.

26. Mark Millar.

27. Hawkeye.

28. Kurt Busiek.

29. John Constantine.

30. Mark Waid.

31. The Thing

I hope you had fun!

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