The Greatest Steve Englehart Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Steve Englehart Stories Ever Told!


I'll give you the top five stories that DIDN'T make the Top Ten...

15 - Doctor Strange vs. Shuma-Gorath

Boy, it's crazy how many great Doctor Strange stories Englehart wrote!

This epic battle against a Chtulu-like creature barely even cracks the top FIFTEEN!

Frank Brunner drew the story (and co-plotted it).

14 - The return of the 1950's Captain America

Years before comic book writers routinely explained away past continuity blips, Englehart wrote this cool adventure where we learn that the 1950s Captain America (the commie smasher) was an actual whole other Captain America!

He and the real Steve Rogers battle.

Sal Buscema handled the artwork.

13 - Eternity helps recreate the world

Another great Doctor Strange story that could not crack the Top Ten!

In this story, Baron Mordo goes nuts and sort of kind of destroys the world!

Luckily, Eternity ultimately fixes everything (I think I'm going to address this story in the future in another spot on the blog - look for it!).

Gene Colan drew the arc.

12 - Steve Rogers quit as Captain America, becomes Nomad

A great storyline that has recently been collected into trade paperback, this story has Steve Rogers quit as Cap over the events of the Secret Empire storyline. He eventually becames Nomad (a man without a country, natch) and some new guy becomes Captain America. Falcon actually, more or less, becomes the star of the comic for this time.

Sal Buscema was the artist on the storyline.

11 - The initial Silver Surfer storyline with the Elders trying to kill Galactus

Englehart was the first guy to take Surfer off of Earth, and he brought him right into a story involving the Elders of the Universe trying to kill Galactus.

Strong stuff. Marshall Rogers did the artwork.

10 - The Justice League versus the Manhunters!

While he did not create the Manhunters (or Mark Shaw), Steve Englehart turned them into a mainstay in the DC Universe, starting with this great Justice League storyline.

Dick Dillin handled the artwork.

9 - Doctor Strange v. Sise-Neg

This is the story so controversial that Englehart had to fake a fan letter to Marvel from a preacher so that Stan Lee would not apologize, as it involved Doctor Strange being present at the creation of the Universe!!!

Frank Brunner drew (and co-plotted) the story.

8 - The Secret Origin of the Justice League!

Englehart uses the entirety of the 1950s DC Universe to tell the secret origin of how the Justice League REALLY got together!

It certainly appears to have been a major influence on Grant Morrison's first JLA arc.

Dick Dillin drew the story.

7 - Lost in Space-Time

This time travel story is one of the most complex time travel stories in superhero comic history, as Englehart not only had the Avengers go back in time, but he had them interact with OTHER instances of Marvel heroes gone back in time!

It's as crazy as it sounds!

And yes, this includes the famous Mockingbird/Phantom Rider rape story that ultimately led to the dissolution of Hawkeye and Mockingbird's marriage.

Al Milgrom drew the story.

6 - Doctor Strange vs. Silver Dagger

You know a story is crazy when a five-parter OPENS with Doctor Strange getting stabbed!

And that's where things get really weird.

Frank Brunner drew the arc (and co-plotted it).

5 - Avengers/Defenders War

Just how it sounds, really.

Bob Brown and Sal Buscema drew the crossover (Avengers and Defenders, respectively)

4 - The Serpent Crown

George Perez drew the story, so you had two comic greats working together on a fun epic that went really ALL over the place, including making the Squadron Supreme a major part of the Marvel Universe.

3 - The Secret Empire

This is the story that made Steve Rogers quit as Captain America. It achieved things that you likely would never be able to get away with today.

Sal Buscema handled the art.

2 - Strange Apparitions

The amount of awesomeness collected into Englehart's Detective Comics run is simply staggering. Silver St. Cloud. The return of Hugo Strange! The laughing fish!!!! Plus the revitalization of one of DC's best baddies, Deadshot!

Marshall Rogers, of course, did the artwork.

1 - The Celestial Madonna

This is the conclusion to Englehart's long origin of Mantis, and he finished it with an epic storyline that involved an impressive piece of villainy by Kang the Conqueror and finished with an amazing Avengers wedding!

Sal Buscema, Joe Staton, George Tuska and Don Heck drew the storyline.

That's the list! I'm sure there is a lot of agreement and disagreement with the list out there! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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