The Greatest Silver Surfer Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Silver Surfer Stories Ever Told!


10. Fantastic Four #55 "When Strikes the Silver Surfer!"

This is the first Silver Surfer appearance after his debut in "The Coming of Galactus." In this issue, he goes to visit Alicia Masters, causing the Thing to attack him in a fit of jealousy. This is perhaps the first of many "I do not understand yoo-man emotions" Silver Surfer stories.

9. Silver Surfer #70-75 "The Herald Ordeal"

In this six-part story by Ron Marz, Ron Lim, MC Wyman and Tom Christopher, Galactus' herald, Nova, turns on her master. Galactus responds by enlisting his most sadistic herald yet, Morg! Surfer is forced to put together all of Galactus' former heralds in an attempt to stop Galactus from continuing to have Morg as his herald. Can they succeed? And even if they do - can they do it without losing the life of one of their own (the answer is no to one of those questions)?

8. Silver Surfer: Judgment Day

This thrilling graphic novel by Marvel legends Stan Lee and John Buscema shows us the Surfer caught in the middle of a conflict between Mephisto and Galactus. This story is notable for the fact that each page is a John Buscema splash page.

7. Silver Surfer #34-38 "The Return of Thanos"

Jim Starlin returned to Marvel Comics with the beginning of his Silver Surfer run, as Starlin readied the world for the Infinity Gauntlet with this, the return of Thanos! Ron Lim and Tom Christopher provided the artwork.

6. Silver Surfer #1-10 "Galactus vs. The Elders"

In the epic first storyline of Steve Englehart's Silver Surfer series, the Surfer is finally freed from captivity on Earth only to be caught up in duel plots - a new Kree/Skrull War as well as a plot by the Elders to kill Galactus! These first ten issues were filled with action and intrigue and great art by Marshall Rogers and Joe Rubinstein.

5. Silver Surfer #4 "The Good, The Bad and the Uncanny!"

Loki manipulates the Silver Surfer into battle with Thor in one of the most monumental superhero fights of all-time. The issue was brought to us by Stan Lee, John Buscema and Sal Buscema.

4. Silver Surfer #3 "The Power and the Prize!"

This issue introduced the demonic Mephisto as we get a chance to see the soul of the Surfer tested. It is a poignant story of pain and resolve. Stan Lee, John Buscema and Joe Sinnott were the creative team.

3. Silver Surfer #1 "The Origin of the Silver Surfer"

Stan Lee, John Buscema and Joe Sinnott combined for the heartwrenching origin of the Silver Surfer, in this tale of tragedy and sheer, unbridled heroism.

2. Fantastic Four #48-50 "The Coming of Galactus"

Silver Surfer's introduction and a classic tale of the Fantastic Four doing the impossible - essentially defeating God. They are aided in their endeavor by the herald of God (or Galactus, if you prefer), who is so touched by the capacity for good within humanity that, for the first time in his history, he turns on his master and helps defend Earth. Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott were the creative team for this legendary tale.

1. Silver Surfer: Parable

Two comic book icons, Stan Lee and Moebius, come together for this striking tale of the dangers of blind faith as Galactus uses religion in an attempt to destroy the world. As expected, the Surfer is confused and disappointed by the actions of humanity.

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