The Greatest She-Hulk Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest She-Hulk Stories Ever Told!


10. Savage She-Hulk #1 "The She-Hulk Lives"

Stan Lee's last major creation for Marvel, Savage She-Hulk #1 delivers an interesting origin for the She-Hulk. John Buscema and Chic Stone did the art.

9. Sensational She-Hulk #50 "He's Dead?!"

In the final issue of John Byrne's run of Sensational She-Hulk, Byrne has been killed (or has he?) and She-Hulk tries out a number of different well-known artists like Walter Simonson, Frank Miller and Adam Hughes (all doing parodies of their own styles) before determining on Michael Eury, Todd Britton and Mike DeCarlo. Very cute send-off for Byrne.

8. She-Hulk #7-12

In the final issues of the first volume of Dan Slott's She-Hulk run, She-Hulk is set against the Champion, which leads to Titania becoming empowered by the Champion for his (and her) revenge on She-Hulk.

7. Avengers #221-222

In these two issues (written by Jim Shooter and David Michelinie), She-Hulk joins the Avengers and begins what became a very cool friendship with Hawkeye.

6. She-Hulk #3 "Time of Her Life"

Billed as the 100th issue of She-Hulk (counting all of her various series), this story by Dan Slott (with art by an army of artists) has She-Hulk on trial defending her very existence!

5. Solo Avengers #14 "Court Costs"

In this one-off tale by Chris Claremont, Alan Davis and Al Rubinstein, She-Hulk is arguing the legality of the Mutant Registration Act in front of the Supreme Court. Sadly, what should have been her greatest moment of success is constantly derailed by her needing to do superhero stuff while in court. A nice piece of tragic character work by Claremont.

4. Sensational She-Hulk #5 "The Doctor is in"

In this issue, by John Byrne and Bob Wiacek, Dr. Bong brings Saturday morning cartoons to life. Seeing Byrne draw various cartoons in realistic fashion is hilarious.

3. She-Hulk #4 "Web of Lies"

While right off the bat, it was clear that the She-Hulk run of Dan Slott, Juan Bobillo and Marcelo Sosa was something special. However, this fourth issue was still particularly notable, as She-Hulk represents Spider-Manin a libel suit against J. Jonah Jameson. A hilarious issue (especially when Spider-Man asserts that Jameson hates him because he is black).

2. Fantastic Four #275 "The Naked Truth"

In this classic one-off issue of Fantastic Four (by John Byrne and Al Gordon), She-Hulk and Wyatt Wingfoot try to deal with a porn magazine that took naked photos of She-Hulk sunbathing.

1. Marvel Graphic Novel #18 "The Sensational She-Hulk"

In this graphic novel, written and penciled by John Byrne (with inks by Kim DeMulder), She-Hulk goes on an adventure with SHIELD (who kidnap her to see if she poses a threat to them like her cousin) as the organization is almost overthrown by some mysterious roach-like creatures. This has one of the coolest Helicarrier crashes in Marvel history!

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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