The Greatest Scott Snyder Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Scott Snyder Stories Ever Told!


10. "Devil in the Sand" American Vampire #6-11

The second American Vampire storyline introduces us to two notable characters, police Chief Cash McCogan and Vassals of the Morningstar agent Felicia Book. Most important, though, is the Vassals themselves, an organization designed to hunt down vampires. This is a very well structured story that set up the status quo for American Vampire going forward, the story will advance X amount of years and Snyder will introduce new characters and we'll see other characters pop up in surprising places, like Skinner appearing here as a brothel owner in Las Vegas. The art was by Rafael Albuquerque (and it was great).

9. American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1-5

Sean Murphy joins Snyder as the artist for this fantastic action-packed storyline that sends McCogan and Felicia Book on a suicide mission behind enemy lines during World War II. Nazis are bad, so you can just imagine how bad Nazi VAMPIRES are! The whole mission is for a supposed cure for vampirism, something that both McCogan and Book would like to have. What will happen when/if they find it?

8. "Raise Them Bones" Swamp Thing #1-7

Snyder along with the always excellent Yanick Paquette relaunched Swamp Thing for the New 52 with this series, which detailed how Alec Holland eventually becomes the Swamp Thing once again (for the first time)!

7. Batman: Gates of Gotham #1-5

Fans of Snyder's current Batman run would love his work on this mini-series with co-writer Kyle Higgins and artist Trevor McCarthy, which reveals a secret connection between the most powerful families of Gotham and the century-long grudge that is being carried out against these families in the present day, with the bridges of Gotham City paying the price. One of these families just happens to be the Waynes!

6. "Ghost War" American Vampire #13-18

It is world War II, and Henry Preston, husband to American Vampire Pearl Jones, goes on a mission in the Pacific with Skinner Sweet and an elite fighting team in an attempt to stop a hidden vampire race in Japan before the islands are beseiged and the vampires exposed to thousands of new victims. It is a race against time for Henry and the men and when you're dealing with Skinner Sweet, you never know who to trust. The whole story is also backdropped against the compelling nature of Pearl's relationship with her husband. He is aging. She is not. He is going into battle. He is mortal. I think you understand how all of that would be pretty compelling in terms of relationship drama, right? The art is by Rafael Albuquerque.

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