The Greatest Rogue Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Rogue Stories Ever Told!


10. Uncanny X-Men #182 "Rogue looks up an 'old flame' of hers"

In this issue by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr., we explore the problems that go on with Rogue's brain, as she gets some memories from Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel - the superhero that Rogue absorbed the power, memories and feelings from) and goes looking for one of Danvers' old beaus.

9. Uncanny X-Men #246-247 "Rogue versus the Master Mold"

In this two-parter by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri, Rogue sacrifices herself to save the rest of the X-Men in a battle with the Master Mold. Rogue goes into the Siege Perilous.

8. X-Men #24 "Rogue and Gambit connect"

A downtime issue by Fabian Nicieza and Andy Kubert (right before the next issue's major Fatal Attractions crossover issue) where Gambit and Rogue come a lot closer.

7. X-Men #188-193 "Supernovas"

Rogue gets control of her own X-Men team in this storyline that shows the debut of Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo as the regular creative team on X-Men.

6. Age of Apocalypse

Rogue is basically the co-leader of the X-Men and is married to Magneto with a child. She's basically one of the few X-Men who have almost have a BETTER life in the horrific landscape that is the Age of Apocalypse. Written by Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza and Mark Waid, drawn by a variety of artists, most notably Joe Madureira and Andy Kubert.

5. Avengers Annual #10

Rogue's first appearance, written by Chris Claremont and drawn by the legendary Michael Golden. She beats the crap out of Captain America in this issue and absorbs Ms. Marvel's powers, memories and emotions.

4. Uncanny X-Men #171 "Welcome to the X-Men, Rogue...Hope You Survive the Experience!"

Many folks forget that Walt Simonson was the guest artist on this landmark issue (written by Chris Claremont) where Rogue, driven near inane by sharing her mind with Ms. Marvel's memories and emotions, is forced to turn to the X-Men for help and Xavier, despite EVERY member of the team not liking it, adds her to the team.

3. Uncanny X-Men #269, 274-275 "Rogue in the Savage Land"

Coming out of the Siege Perilous, Rogue deals with her Ms. Marvel split personality once and for all, then teams up with Magneto, Ka-Zar and Nick Fury to take out the crazed Zaladane. Chris Claremont and Jim Lee did the story.

2. Uncanny X-Men #235-238 "First Genosha Storyline"

Chris Claremont, Rick Leonardi and Marc Silvestri (the two artists swap off on issues in the four-parter) tell the story of the X-Men's first interaction with the island country of Genosha, a country where the majority of the people are mutants but the humans there control the mutants like slaves. Rogue is stripped of her powers and is brutalized before she and Wolverine manage to escape (and the rest of the X-Men eventually show up to help).

1. Uncanny X-Men #172-173 "Wolverine and Rogue in Japan"

Chris Claremont and Paul Smith tell the story of when Rogue first proves herself to the rest of the team. With the X-Men in Japan for Wolverine's wedding, most of the team is stricken down with poison - all except for Wolverine and Rogue (who survives due to her Ms. Marvel powers, or more specifically, her half-alien DNA). The pair team-up to stop the deadly Viper and the Silver Samurai. Rogue takes a deadly blast meant for Wolverine and, in a tender moment of approval, he lends her his healing power. A classic from the short but memorable Paul Smith run on Uncanny X-Men. And boy, what a cover!

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