The Greatest Pre-Crisis Superboy Stories Ever Told!

5. "Mordru the Merciless!" Adventure Comics #369-370

Most Legion of Super-Heroes classics tend to de-emphasize Superboy a bit. He is often more of a supporting player in the proceedings (partially because he is so powerful that he doesn't give the others much to do if he is more actively involved). In this story, which introduced the classic Legion villain, the sorceror Mordru, Superboy gets more of a spotlight, as a group of Legionnaires travel through time to Superboy's time to hide in Smallville from Mordru. Things don't go as planned and Superboy's memory is lost, leaving it to his friend Peter Ross to save the day. Jim Shooter wrote it and did layouts for it, Curt Swan and Jack Abel drew it.

4. "Superboy's Big Brother!" Superboy #89

This is not the first and nor would it be the last time that Superboy encountered mysterious teens from other planets. Mon-El, though, stood out from the rest. His set-up is great, with Superboy thinking that he is a fellow Kryptonian, only to learn that he is actually from another planet - just in time for Mon-El to nearly DIE! And only by sending him to the Phantom Zone can Superboy keep him alive! Classic stuff. Robert Bernstein wrote it and George Papp drew it.

3. "The Boy of Steel vs the Thing of Steel " Superboy #68

Otto Binder and George Papp introduced Bizarro for the first time in this classic tale, which greatly evokes Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

2. "The Legion of Super-Heroes" Adventure Comics #247

Otto Binder and Al Plastino introduce Superboy to a group of young super-heroes from the future who invite him to become a member. In this story, Superman becomes the first of many Legion characters to get jerked around by his teammates for some mysterious reason (here it is to test Superboy's ability to deal well with his teammates messing with him).

1. "The Impossible Mission!" Superboy #85

Jerry Siegel and George Papp gave us this classic where Superboy goes back in time to prevent the assassination of Abraham Lincoln only to run afoul of the adult Lex Luthor, who happened to be hiding out in the time stream. Luthor incapacitates Superboy and then gloats over his victory before realizing (too late) why, exactly, Superboy is in the past. It is always interesting when Lex shows other sides to his character, like how he wants to support the president.

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

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