The Greatest News in the History of the World

Seaguy's coming back!

Quoth Grant Morrison (at Newsarama):

I've certainly got a bunch of new books coming out from Vertigo later this year - they've taken a while to write, because I've been busy with the movies and the DCU books, but you'll be seeing some mad creator stuff pretty soon.

The first of the books, I'm happy to say, is the long-awaited ultra-violet, necrodelic...Seaguy 2: Slaves of Mickey Eye - Cameron Stewart has the first script, and maybe now that we're getting to finish our story, people will finally understand what it was all about!

Quoth Cameron Stewart (at Barbelith):

Now that the cat's out of the bag I'm guess I'm able to confirm that I do have the completed first script for Seaguy 2: Slaves of Mickey Eye, and it will be my next project after I finish The Apocalipstix in a few weeks (printing this summer - finally - from Oni Press).

As far as I know we'll be doing Slaves of Mickey Eye and then immediately following it with Seaguy Eternal. Looks like all the waiting and good will finally paid off.


Quoth Bill Reed (at Comics Should Be Good):


What say you?

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