The Greatest Matt Fraction Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Matt Fraction Stories Ever Told!


10. The Invincible Iron Man #20-24 - "Stark: Disassembled"

After the shocking events of World's Most Wanted, Tony Stark has to build himself up from the ground level in this impressive look into both the psyche of Tony Stark as well as how he relates to those closest to him. Salvador Larocca handles the art.

9. The Order #1-10

Spinning out of Civil War, Fraction and artists Barry Kitson and Mark Morales (plus fill-in artists) told this charming tale of a team of heroes in California that were made up of notable Americans - from war heroes to celebrities. They would have their powers for just one year. Fraction did a great job examining all of their personalities while also looking at the idea of what superheroes would be like in today's post-TMZ culture. This is also where he began to work with the character of Pepper Potts, who he's done wonderful stuff with in the pages of Iron Man.

8. Thor: Ages of Thunder

Ages of Thunder collects three one-shots that each interpret a classic Norse myth with Fraction putting a twist on things. Most of the art is handled by Patrick Zircher, who perfectly fits the epic feel that Fraction is going for in this series of stories.

7. The Five Fists of Science

Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla team-up to stop an evil consortium led by J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison to thwart their plans for world peace through automatons. Fraction and artist Steven Sanders provide exactly the sort of over-the-top thrill ride you expect with a name like "Five Fists of Science" with this original graphic novel.

6. Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1 "To have and To Hold"

In a precursor to their run on Invincible Iron Man, Fraction and Salvador Larocca craft an endearing tribute to the Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson marriage in a sort of a send-off to the marriage (as it was soon to be dissolved).

5. The Immortal Iron Fist #1-6 - "The Last Iron Fist Story"

In their initial story arc, writers Fraction and Ed Brubaker introduced the world to Orson Randall, the Iron Fist circa World War I! This rollicking adventure featured stunning artwork from David Aja and Travel Foreman, with brilliant spot work from the great John Severin.

4. The Immortal Iron Fist #8-14 - "The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven"

Fraction and Brubaker (and their company of artists, led by David Aja) up the ante even more in the second half of their Iron Fist run as Iron Fist finds himself the champion of K'un-Lun in a contest against the Immortal Weapons (powerful warriors like him) of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. The contest is rigged, though, so can Danny escape with his life and find out who is behind the sprawling conspiracy? LOTS of awesome martial arts and great new characters (all the other Immortal Weapons).

3. The Invincible Iron Man #8-19 - "World's Most Wanted"

After the events of Secret Invasion, Tony Stark goes on the run in this thrilling 12-issue long event. Pepper Potts comes even more to the forefront of the title as Rescue is born! Salvador Larocca did the artwork.

2. Casanova #1-7 "Luxuria"

In this opening story arc, drawn by the great Gabriel Ba, Fraction introduces us to Casanova Quinn, a thief who is the son of the equivalent of SHIELD. However, after a jaunt through dimensions, Quinn finds himself in a world where he (Casanova) is a good guy. Quinn plays both sides, good and bad, but will he ultimately pick one?

1. Casanova #8-14 "Gula"

In this second arc, drawn by the great Fabio Moon, Casanova has disappeared, and his disparate (and bizarre) set of friends and family search for him as they search for the answer to the question, "When is Casanova Quinn?"

There's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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