The Greatest Marv Wolfman Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Marv Wolfman Stories Ever Told!


I'll give you the top five stories that DIDN'T make the Top Ten...

15. New Teen Titans (Baxter) #1-5 "Titans vs. Trigon"

The all-new, straight to the direct market comic book series starring the Teen Titans (on fancy new paper) opened up with Marv Wolfman and George Perez taking us back to the very beginning as the Titans once more take on their first major foe - Trigon the Terrible!

14. New Teen Titans #26-27 "Runaways"

This Wolfman, Perez and Romeo Tanghal story about young runaways inspired the government to ask DC to do a special anti-drugs issue of Teen Titans.

13. Night Force #1-7 (plus #8 as an epilogue) "The Summoning"

This story is just what the name sounds like, as sorcerer Baron Winter summons his specialized team of folks to fight against the supernatural! Gene Colan drew the book.

12. New Teen Titans #23-25, Annual #1 "The Vegan War"

This Wolfman, Perez and Tanghal storyline was about the Titans fighting a group of folks who won't eat anything derived from an animal.

That, or it is a story of Starfire being captured by her evil sister who traps her into a war in Starfire's home galaxy - the Titans team up with Wolfman creations, the Omega Men, to save their teammate!

11. Tomb of Dracula #7-14 "To Kill Dracula"

I think it's fair to lump these seven issues together - they constitute the first issues of Wolfman's run on Tomb of Dracula along with Gene Colan and Tom Palmer, and it introduces Quincy Harker, his daughter and, most importantly, Blade the Vampire Slayer, as they team up with the already established hunters (like Frank Drake) to fight Dracula. We get Blade's origin as well as seemingly the death of Dracula, but not before Quincy's daughter Edith falls prey to Dracula! What will her father do?!?

10. Tales of the Teen Titans #54-55 "The Trial of the Terminator"

Slade Wilson goes on trial for his actions in the Judas Contract, but soon finds that the REAL trial comes outside the courtroom, at the hands of a revenge-seeking Changeling! Marv Wolfman wrote both issues, George Perez co-plotted at least one of them, and Rich Buckler and Ron Randall each drew an issue.

9. Fantastic Four #196-200

These series of stories lead directly to an epic battle between Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom in Fantastic Four #200 - Doom's actions in these issues rank up there with the harshest of his comic book history! Keith Pollard, Joe Sinnott and Pablo Marcos drew the issues!

8. Batman #441-442, New Titans #60-61 "A Lonely Place of Dying"

Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Jim Aparo and Tom Grummett combined for this crossover that introduced Tim Drake and established him as the new Robin!

7. Tomb of Dracula #25 "Night of the Blood-Stalker!"

In this acclaimed stand-alone issue, we are introduced to Hannibal King, an intriguing private investigator who is caught up in a case of murder that might be vampiric in nature. A brilliant mix of fantasy and crime noir by Wolfman. Colan and Palmer.

6. New Teen Titans #8 "A Day in the Lives"

This one-off issue showing the Titans on their "Day-off" was an important issue in showing how the New Tieen Titans were going to be based on characterization more than anything else! Another Wolfman/Perez/Tanghal joint.

5. Amazing Spider-Man #200

Wolfman, Keith Pollard and Jim Mooney come together to tell a story that, well, I think the cover really explains it, doesn't it?

4. New Teen Titans #13-15 "The Search for the Killers of the Doom Patrol!"

After the deaths of the original Doom Patrol, surviving members Robotman and Mento agreed to leave the situation be so as to not get Beast Boy involved. Once he joined the Teen Titans, however, the two set off to get their revenge. Things went poorly and Beast Boy (now Changeling) and his new teammates must pick up the challenge themselves! Another Wolfman/Perez/Tanghal joint.

3. New Teen Titans #38 "Who is Donna Troy?"

Wolfman co-plotted and scripted along with Perez as co-plotter and artist for this landmark issue where Dick Grayson, as a wedding present, decides to find out once and for all - who IS Donna Troy?

2. Crisis on Infinite Earths

You all know what Crisis on Infinite Earths is, right?

1. Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44, Annual #3

Wolfman co-plotted and scripted along with Perez as co-plotter and artist for this storyline, the culmination of more than a year's worth of stories - heck, when you look at it from Deathstroke the Terminator's perspective, this story had been building since Deathstroke's first appearance in New Teen Titans #2!!! Anyhow - one teammate betrays them! One teammate debuts a new superhero identity! And one teammate joins! A truly titanic tale!

That's the list! I'm sure there is a lot of agreement and disagreement with the list out there! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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