The Greatest Magneto Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Magneto Stories Ever Told!


10. Uncanny X-Men #274-275 "Magneto in Savage Land"

This storyline pitted Magneto against Zaladane, a crazy woman with magnetic powers. Guest-starring Nick Fury, Ka-Zar and Rogue! Chris Claremont and Jim Lee did the issues.

9. Age of Apocalypse

Here we get to see what would have happened had Magneto been forced to create the X-Men instead of Charles Xavier (oh, and if Apocalypse had taken over the world years ago, also). Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza handled the main story (with Mark Waid along for the ride, as well) - lots of different artists.

8. Classic X-Men #12 "A Fire in the Night"

This back-up story by Chris Claremont and John Bolton gave us a significant look at Magneto the man, rather than Magneto the mutant villain, as we see the death of his first child.

7. Uncanny X-Men #200 "The Trial of Magneto"

Magneto is put on trial for his crimes against humanity while Professor X is taken out of the picture - SOMEone needs to lead the X-Men....can it be Magneto? Claremont and John Romita Jr. did the issue.

6. Fatal Attractions

Professor X decides to come up with a "permanent" solution to the Magneto problem after Magneto makes a big show of force (he also gets Colossus to change sides). Fabian Niceiza and Scott Lobdell were the main writers on this storyline.

5. X-Men #1-3 "Mutant Genesis"

Chris Claremont's farewell to the X-Men (at the time) in this three-parter that debuted the new second X-Men title, with artwork (and plot) by Jim Lee! This is the introduction of Magneto's Acolytes as well as the introduction of the whole "Magneto's powers drive him nuts" excuse.

4. X-Men #111-113 "X-Men vs. Magneto under a volcano"

Magneto beats the X-Men badly then keeps them captive with a robotic "nanny" - eventually they escape and in the ensuing battle, Magneto's volcano base becomes a somewhat less hospitable place to be. This is the story that made it seem to their friends that the majority of the X-Men were dead for a year (only Jean Grey and Beast seemed to make it out "alive"). Claremont and John Byrne did the issues.

3. New X-Men #146-150 "Planet X"

Grant Morrison's run on X-Men comes to a close with this five-part storyline drawn by Phil Jimenez. Magneto is revealed to have infiltrated the X-Men for months, as Morrison shows us how outdated Magneto's ideas have become.

2. Uncanny X-Men #150

Magneto's redemption begins in this issue, where his zeal almost turns deadly for Kitty Pryde. Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum did the issue.

1. God Loves, Man Kills

The X-Men and Magneto make an uneasy alliance against a Reverand who is preaching intolerance against mutants. Chris Claremont and Brent Anderson did the book.

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