The Greatest J.M. DeMatteis Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest J.M. DeMatteis Stories Ever Told!


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10. Brooklyn Dreams #1-4

Clearly his most personal work, Brooklyn Dreams tells the semi-autobiographical story of a teenager growing up in the 1960s. Glenn Barr did the artwork.

9. Justice League America #38-40 "Justice League versus Despero"

Working from a Keith Giffen plot, DeMatteis scripted this emotionally charged confrontation between the Justice League and Despero. Despero's attempt at revenge on the former members of the League (the last team to defeat him) is chilling. Adam Hughes and Joe Rubinstein did the artwork.

8. Amazing Spider-Man #400 "The Gift"

In this poignant issue, Peter Parker says goodbye to an actress pretending to be Aunt May (of course Peter did not know that at the time - it is just funnier to say it like that). It is really sweet and sad. Mark Bagley and Larry Mahlstedt did the artwork.

7. The Defenders #92-100 "The Six Fingered Hand Saga"

This sprawling story featured six demons (the Six Fingered Hand) being manipulated by Mephisto into a confrontation with the Defenders. They first tried to merge Earth and Hell. Don Perlin did the artwork.

6. Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #66-69 "Going Sane:

DeMatteis explores the relationship between Batman and Joker in this storyline where the Joker believes Batman is dead. With his nemesis gone, what will Joker do? Joe Staton and Steve Mitchell did the artwork.

5. Justice League #1-6, Justice League International #7 "A New Beginning"

Working from a Keith Giffen plot, DeMatteis scripted the return of the Justice League and institution of the Justice League International. Kevin Maguire, Terry Austin and Al Gordon did the artwork.

4. Captain America #293-300

J.M. DeMatteis finished his run on Captain America with this epic tale involving the Red Skull tormenting Captain America until a final confrontation between the two ends with one of them dead. Paul Neary did the artwork with a variety of inkers.

3. Spectacular Spider-Man #178-184, 189, 199-200 "The Harry Osborn Saga"

Spectacular Spider-Man #200 would not have made the list, so I just figured I'd lump it all together into one big story. In any event, this shows the degradation of Harry Obsorn's sanity as he slowly turns into every bit of the Green Goblin his father was. Touching, gripping stuff. Sal Buscema did the art.

2. Moonshadow #1-12

Jon J. Muth painted this heartfelt epic fantasy tale. It is the story of Moonshadow, looking back upon his life (he is 120 years old) and seeing the fantastical life he has enjoyed.

1. Kraven's Last Hunt

One of the most famous Spider-Man stories of all-time, DeMatteis (working with artists Mike Zeck and Bob McLeod) tells the story of Kraven the Hunter, who has become so depressed over his failure to defeat Spider-Man finally comes up with one final (extremely twisted) plan to truly and utterly defeat his Spider-nemesis. A chilling tale with great art, this became a monumental part of DeMatteis' comic book career (he's revisited aspects of it a number of times in the years since).

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