The Greatest Hawkeye Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Hawkeye Stories Ever Told!

Did I ever tell you that Hawkeye is our own Joe Rice's most favoritest character ever? It's true. Don't let him tell you otherwise.


10. New Avengers Reunion

In this Jim McCann/David Lopez mini-series, we get a sort of 25-years-later sequel to the original Hawkeye mini-series where Hawkeye and Mockingbird got married. Here the pair deal with the fact that Mockingbird has returned from the dead (well, the reveal is that she never was dead to begin with) and the pair have to deal with the changes in their relationship, including one very important question - WHEN was Mockingbird replaced by a Skrull?

9. Tales of Suspense #57 "Hawkeye the Marksman"

Stan Lee and Don Heck introduced Hawkeye to the world in this Iron Man story where Hawkeye handles himself very well against the armor-clad hero. It is fitting that, right from his first appearance, Hawkeye is led by his heart rather than his brains, as he is manipulated by the (then-evil) Black Widow.

8. Avengers #16 "The Old Order Changeth!"

The biggest moment in Hawkeye's comic book career at this point - he reforms and joins the Avengers, sponsored by his former enemy, Iron Man! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were the creative team.

7. Avengers Annual #16 "The Day Death Died"

In this Tom DeFalco-written/Bob Hall and Tom Palmer-drawn Annual, with all of the Avengers except Captain America and Hawkeye killed by the forces of the Grandmaster (who has stolen the power of death from, well, Death), Hawkeye has one last gambit to stop the Grandmaster - CHEAT!

6. Solo Avengers #1-5 "The Way of the Arrow"

Another Tom DeFalco tale, this time working with MD Bright, DeFalco reveals the secret origin of Hawkeye and his archery teacher, Trickshot.

5. Avengers #223 "Of Robin Hoods and Roustabouts"

David Michelinie and Greg LaRocque put out this acclaimed one-off issue of Avengers where Hawkeye and the second Ant-Man team-up against the Taskmaster (Ant-Man and Taskmaster were both Michelinie's babies).

4. Avengers #189 "Wings and Arrows!"

Literally FOUR guys (this was during a period where a lot of Avengers issues had multiple people working on it, mostly editor Roger Stern, plus David Michelinie, Steven Grant and Mark Gruenwald) got together to get us this story where Hawkeye (who was working a security guard at the time) takes on Deathbird - and shockingly WINS! John Byrne did a great job drawing it.

3. West Coast Avengers (first limited series)

In this Roger Stern/Bob Hall mini-series, Hawkeye is given control of his own team of Avengers, and in this series he puts his team together, along with his new bride, Mockingbird.

2. Avengers #174 "Captives of the Collector!"

Sixteen Avengers down at the hands of the Elder the Collector. Only Hawkeye remained, and yet, he manages to pull it off in perhaps his greatest success as a superhero! As Hawkeye says, when it comes to the Avengers, there is power and there is skill - many are ahead of him in the former, but he's second to none in the latter! Bill Mantlo wrote the issue (based on Jim Shooter's plot) and Dave Wenzel drew it.

1. Hawkeye (first limited series)

Mark Gruenwald wrote AND drew this mini-series that changed Hawkeye completely, both by introducing the beginnings of a recurring nemesis for Clint and also introducing Hawkeye to his future wife, Mockingbird! The pair meet and marry all within this series (it's amazing how well their marriage worked, considering that it was designed as a riff on Green Arrow/Black Canary).

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