The Greatest Ghost Rider Stories Ever Told!

5. "Manitou's Anger...Tarantula's Sting!" Ghost Rider Volume 1 #49-50

Michael Fleisher and Don Perlin did this charming two-parter where Ghost Rider is sent to the past and must team-up with the ORIGINAL Ghost Rider (now called the Night Rider) before he can return to the present to stop the very explosion that sent him into the past in the first place!

4. "Three Angels Fallen!" Avengers #214

Jim Shooter, Bob Hall and Dan Green gave Ghost Rider one of his most prominent guest appearances yet as he takes on the entire Avengers team...and holds his own!!

3. "Deathrace!" Ghost Rider Volume 1 #35

Jim Starlin wrote and penciled (along with Al Milgrom and Steve Leiahola, with LOTS of inkers involved) this standout issue which involves Ghost Rider literally racing death itself!

2. "The Curse of Jonathan Blaze!" Ghost Rider Volume 1 #68

Roger Stern, Bob Budiansky and Joe Rubinstein combined for a compelling re-working of Ghost Rider's origin, this time involving Mephisto.

1. "Wish for Pain" Ghost Rider Annual #2

Get this. This was Warren Ellis' FIRST American comic book story! And it's apparently one of the most well-regarded Ghost Rider stories of all-time! I did a spotlight on the issue awhile back here. Drawn by Javier Saltares and Mike Witherby, the story features the villainous Scarecrow's origin as well as his latest plot, where he surrounds himself with captured innocents, forcing Ghost Rider into a situation where if Ghost Rider strikes at him, he'll undoubtedly hurt one of the surrounding victims (since Scarecrow's whole deal is that he is difficult to catch, as his bones are supernaturally wiry). Ghost Rider stops him and then...well...he decides to make sure Scarecrow won't be sneaking around any time soon...and his solution is quite graphic and chilling.

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

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