The Greatest Dan Slott Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Dan Slott Stories Ever Told!


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10. Batman Adventures #14 "Reel to Reel"

In this very clever issue, with art by Rich Burchett and Terry Beatty, Slott examines a connection between Simon Trent (the Gray Ghost) and Matt Hagen (Clayface). It's a really well-done story with Slott touching on a concept that is as clever as it is seemingly obvious (aren't all the best ideas just like that? Oh, of COURSE! AFTER someone thinks of it, that is).

9. She-Hulk #7-12 "Space Cases"

In the final issues of the first volume of Dan Slott's She-Hulk run, She-Hulk is set against the Champion, which leads to Titania becoming empowered by the Champion for his (and her) revenge on She-Hulk. Juan Bobillo and Marcelo Sosa and then Paul Pelletier and Rick Magyar do the art.

8. Thing #1-8 "Idol of Millions"

With the Thing now worth a whole ton of money, Slott has a blast (along with artists Andrea DiVito and later Kieron Dwyer) in showing the Thing going on a series of misadventures as a result of his new found wealth. The series finishes off with a superhero poker tournament - awesome.

7. She-Hulk #4 "Web of Lies"

In perhaps his first classic issue of She-Hulk, Slott has Jennifer Walters represent Spider-Man in a libel suit against J. Jonah Jameson. A hilarious issue with great art from Juan Bobillo and Marcelo Sosa.

6. Amazing Spider-Man #648-651 "Big Time"

Taking over as the main Spider-Man writer, Slott introduces a bold new direction in the life of Peter Parker as our hero finds himself working in his dream job. At the same time Peter is re-making himself, so, too, is the new Hobgoblin, as Slott successfully re-invigorates a character who had been more or less thrown into the scrap heap years ago. Humberto Ramos and a host of inkers provide the art.

5. GLA #1-4 "Great Lakes Avengers Missassembled"

Slott and artists Paul Pelletier and Rick Magyar breathe new life into the Great Lakes Avengers as they tear the group apart. Also, the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Squirrel Girl and the readers of the world as Slott adds her to the cast.

4. Amazing Spider-Man #559-561 "Peter Parker, Paparazzi"

In this beautiful looking storyline drawn by Marcos Martin, Slott both brings Mary Jane Watson back into Peter Parker's life as well as examines a possible new way for Peter to make money - as a member of the paparazzi! In this fun tale, Slott also introduces the fun new Spider-Man "villain," Screwball (the other new deadlier villain, Paper Doll, is drawn wonderfully by Martin).

3. Amazing Spider-Man #568-#573 "New Ways to Die"

In this sweeping tale, Spider-Man comes face-to-face with Norman Osborn for the first time since Osborn was given control of the Thunderbolts. Being hunted down as a supposed bad guy is nothing new for Spidey, but when he's being hunted down by one of his greatest enemies, who is on the side of "good"? That's gotta hurt. Thrown into the mix is Eddie Brock, who debuts a new identity as Anti-Venom! You might be thinking, "Say, isn't Venom on the Thunderbolts?" Why yes, he is and yes, they do, indeed, mix it up! John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson provide the art.

2. Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1-6

In this gripping series, Slott and artist Ryan Sook (eventually aided by inkers Jim Royal and Wade von Grawbadger) gave us some fascinating insights into the minds of some of Batman's deadliest rogues, as well as introducing us to some intriguing new ones, as well!

1. Spider-Man/Human Torch #1-5 "I'm With Stupid"

In this delightful series, Slott examines the relationship between Peter Parker and Johhny Storm throughout the years in an amusing character-driven look at the pair in various stages of Marvel history. Ty Templeton and Nelson do a great job on the artwork. When the Human Torch died, Slott did not have to look far to capture the emotional impact that it would have on Peter, as Slott had clearly established as much in this series.

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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