The Greatest Chuck Dixon Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Chuck Dixon Stories Ever Told!


I'll give you the top five stories that DIDN'T make the Top Ten...

15. El Cazador

Dixon's sadly short-lived pirate series with Steve Epting for Crossgen.

14. Punisher War Zone #31-36 "River of Blood"

A strong arc with art by the legendary Joe Kubert!

13. Way of the Rat #1-6

Along with artist Jeff Johnson, this was a story of a young thief who ends up stealing the wrong objects and gets caught up in a pair of wars - one mystical and one very physical. He also gains a talking monkey as a partner - a monkey who insults him a lot.

12. Robin Year One

Dixon co-wrote this mini-series with Scott Beatty, with Javier Pulido on art. This story of the early days of Dick Grayson as Robin was also Marcos Martin's big break, artwise.

11. Nightwng #25 "The Boys"

This one-off issue explored the relationship between Batman's two "sons," Nightwing and Robin, in an issue drawn by regular series artist Scott McDaniel.

10. Detective Comics #651 "A Bullet For Bullock"

This one-off issue of Detective Comics (drawn by regular artist Graham Nolan) would later be adapted into an episode of the Batman Animated Series -a high honor indeed!

9. Punisher: War Zone #1-6

Dixon and the great John Romita Jr. launched Punisher's THIRD ongoing title with the Punisher trying to infiltrate a crime family.

8. Nightwing #101-106 "Nightwing Year One"

The original creative team of Nightwing reunited (with co-writer Scott Beatty along for the ride) as Dixon and McDaniel teamed up again to tell the origins of Dick Grayson as Nightwing. Sales jumped with their return to the book!

7. Storming Paradise

What if the Allies never dropped the bomb on Japan? This series tells that tale, with the Allies invading Japan with a traditional military force, with artwork by Butch Guice (and friends).

6. Robin: Flying Solo

This was Robin's first solo series EVER, as Dixon and Tom Lyle gave Tim Drake his own mini-series and introduced a major recurring villain, King Snake.

5. Winter World

A tale of action and drama set in a world where, well, it was winter all the time. Think Water World only with snow and ice instead of water. Jorge Zaffino drew the series, which came out early in Dixon's career and really solidified his reputation as an up and coming writer.

4. Batman: Devil's Advocate

What if, through various machinations, the Joker ended up on Death Row...for a crime he did not commit? What would Batman do about it? That's what Dixon and artist Graham Nolan ask in this original graphic novel.

3. Batgirl Year One

Marcos Martin went from fill-in artist to full-time artist on this gorgeous 8-issue series detailing the beginnings of Barbara Gordon's crimefighting days. Co-written with Scott Beatty.

2. Robin II: Joker's Wild

A follow-up to the super successful first Robin mini-series, we see Robin patrolling Gotham by himself while Batman is on a case out of the country. But while Batman is away - the Joker strikes! This is the first time Joker met Tim Drake, the third Robin - a notable experience since Joker killed the previous Robin! Tom Lyle once again provided the artwork.

1. Birds of Prey #8 "On Wings"

This story was so loved that the individual issue (which has yet to be reprinted, I believe) skyrocketed to insane princes on eBay and the likes. Rarely do you see a comic fetching near triple digits for something as simple as "being really well done," but that's what you had with this Greg Land-penciled one-off issue that features Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon going out on a date.

That's the list! I'm sure there is a lot of agreement and disagreement with the list out there! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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