The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! - #6

The countdown continues with 2001's "Merry Christmas, Justice League -- Now Die!" from JLA #60 by Mark Waid, Cliff Rathburn and Paul Neary...

The issue opens with Plastic Man visiting with his pal Woozy and Woozy's sister and nephew. Plas decided to spend some time with the sullen boy, which leads to him telling a story about when Santa Claus was made a member of the JLA!

The story is a cute tale of how the evil demonic Neron has decided to usurp Santa Claus by giving presents to kids BEFORE Christmas, but making it so that each present comes with a decidedly dark twist.

The JLA and Santa get involved, but the JLA is turned to coal and it comes down to Santa to save the day....

Guess what they're looking at? I'll give you a hint - it involves a jolly elf and a rocket pack.

Cliff Rathburn and Paul Neary did a wonderful job on the artwork for this story, which I believe was Waid's last issue of JLA - and boy, what a way to go out!

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