The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! - #24

The countdown begins with 1940's Superman's Christmas Adventure #1, written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by one of DC's Greatest Golden Age talents, Jack Burnley.

Our story opens with Clark Kent and Lois Lane killing some time near the holidays...

The kid didn't actually say his name, Clark. Weird. I love how Santa Claus reads the Daily Planet.

Anyhow, Superman now does his best "Ghost of Christmas Present" on the spoiled rich kid...

What the hell is this space craft thing?

I would say that their parents weren't helping Dr. Grouch and Mr. Meaney from the get go, but comedian Kevin Meaney is quite pleasant, so Mr. Meaney has no excuse! Well, besides the fact that apparently he was unloved his whole life, of course.

You have to love the subtle advertisement for all the tons of Superman toys that were available in 1940. This comic was a giveaway for department stores, so that is certainly not an accident.

So after their offer is rebuffed, their plan is to just ruin Christmas...

Dude just flat out tried to murder Lois Lane! Dang! She escapes with Superman's help only to be captured by them AGAIN as they come up with other ways to ruin Santa's operation, including using knockout gas on Santa's reindeer.

This leads to Superman having to pull his best Rudolph and both guide AND carry Santa's sleigh that night...

Forgiveness is one thing, Santa, but they flat out tried to MURDER Lois! But ah well, it is Christmas, after all!

Nice sentiment, Superman.

Very fun issue by Siegel (He smartly kept the plot extremely straightforward for the extra young audience that this comic was geared towards) and Burnley, who was clearly one of the top DC artists of the era. Heck, he was one of the top comic book artists of ANY era!

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