The Greatest Christmas Stories Ever Told! - #1

The countdown concludes with 1969's " “The Silent Night of the Batman" from Batman #219 by Mike Friedrich, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano...

In this offbeat tale, Batman swings by the Gotham Police Department when he sees the Bat-Signal...

Throughout the rest of the eight-page story, people throughout Gotham are stopped short of committing crimes (or other drastic measures that people take when their spirits are down) when they think they see Batman, all the while, Batman is singing carols.

That's some pretty out there stuff for a Batman comic of the modern era.

And what a beautiful shot on the next page, as we learn that it was all part of a Christmas spirit...

What an out-of-the-box idea by Friedrich for the plot, and it is amazing how cool Adams and Giordano make Batman singing look - like it is totally natural. Boy, what a great story. One of Adams' greatest efforts and that's saying something!!

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