The Greatest Catwoman Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Catwoman Stories Ever Told!


10. Catwoman (vo. 1) #15-19 "Catfile"

This action-packed adventure saw Catwoman kidnapped by a government agent who forces her to work as a super-spy for him. Writer Chuck Dixon has a blast with the over-the-top adventures of Selina-as-spy while she constantly works to gain her freedom from her controller. Jim Balent and Bob Smith did the art.

9. Catwoman (vol. 2) #32 "Only Takes a Night"

Batman and Catwoman spend the night exploring their relationship and determining if they are really meant to be together in this inspired one-off issue by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Stefano Gaudiano.

8. Catwoman #1-4 "Her Sister's Keeper"

In this mini-series, Mindy Newell fleshed out the origin that Frank Miller gave Catwoman in Batman: Year One, as she (and artist J.J. Birch) explore Selina's past as a prostitute as well as her sister's life as a nun. Newell explores a lot of the same themes (like sex trafficking) that she did in her Lois Lane mini-series (only this is a lot darker). You can read about the Lois Lane series on the Greatest Lois Lane Stories Ever Told list.

7. Catwoman (vol. 2) #5-10 "Crooked Little Town"

This gritty tale features Selina caught up in trying to bring down a drug ring while also clearing the name of Holly (who is, for lack of a better term, Selina's sidekick), who has been framed for the murder of a cop. Ed Brubaker wrote it and Brad Rader handles the pencils (with Cam Stewart and Rich Burchett splitting inking duties roughly right down the middle).

6. Catwoman: When in Rome #1-6

In this continuation of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's acclaimed Long Halloween/Dark Victory series of stories, Catwoman travels to Italy to attempt to learn the truth about her birth mother while also settling a score with the Falcone crime family (could the two have something in common?). There is lots of action in this beautiful looking series.

5. Catwoman (vol. 2) #20-24 "Wild Ride"

After the events of "Relentless," Selina feels that she needs to take Holly out of Gotham City, so they take a tour of the DC Universe, including getting Holly some training from Ted "Wildcat" Grant. Meanwhile, what Holly does not know is that Selina (with help from Slam Bradley) has another reason for this little getaway. Ed Brubaker wrote it and Cam Stewart, Nick Derington and Guy Davis drew it.

4. Selina's Big Score

Darwyn Cooke goes old-school crime noir with this amazing graphic novel depicting Selina putting together a team to pull off a major score to allow her to pull off faking her death (this is set before the Ed Brubaker Catwoman series). If you have read Cooke's amazing adaptations of Richard Stark's Parker books, then you know just what kind of awesomeness you can expect from this heist story.

3. Detective Comics #759-762 (back-ups), Catwoman (vol. 2) #1-4 "The Dark End of the Street"

Slam Bradley is on the case, looking for the missing Selina Kyle, who everyone thinks is dead. When he finally finds her, she re-examines her life and decides to begin a new chapter in her life, as the protector of Gotham's East End. The search for Selina took place in back-ups in Detective Comics, leading to the new ongoing series. Darwyn Cooke supplied the artwork (and her awesome new costume) while Ed Brubaker did the words. Cam Stewart inked the back-up story and Mike Allred inked the Catwoman series. Brubaker ties into the Mindy Newell series, bringing in Holly and Selina's sister, Maggie.

2. The Brave and the Bold #197 "The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne!"

Alan Brennert wrote this classic tale depicting how the Earth-2 Batman and Catwoman fell in love and got married. Joe Staton and George Freeman handle the art on this really well-told story. The clever hook is that the Scarecrow uses his gas to make everyone Batman cares about disappear (to his mind). All alone, Batman turns to the only other person he can find to help him take down the Scarecrow - Catwoman (since he doesn't care about her, she is visible to him). As the story goes along, though, you can see how well Brennert edges along the relationship - from a state of mutual distrust to one of mutual attraction to one of mutual love. Really well done one-shot.

1. Catwoman (vol. 2) #12-19 "Relentless"

In this taut series of stories, Catwoman finds out that being a "Robin Hood" to the people of Gotham's East End can gain her the enmity of Gotham's vilest villains, and in this collection, the evil Black Mask takes his revenge out on Catwoman by striking at those closest to her, including her sister and her friend, Holly! Characters are forced to make some unsettling decisions in this gripping collection, written by Ed Brubaker with art by Cam Stewart and Javier Pulido (Pulido's story is an epilogue to the main Relentless story, showing the characters coming to grips with how damaged they all were by Black Mask's attack, which was aided by an old friend of Selina's).

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