The Greatest Black Panther Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Black Panther Stories Ever Told!


10. Jungle Action #19-22, 24 and Marvel Premiere #51-53 "Black Panther vs. The Klan"

This was Don McGregor's follow-up to his classic "Panther's Rage." It was controversial enough that he had to make revisions and the series didn't even manage to be finished - it eventually was wrapped up in another title, Marvel Premiere.

Billy Graham, Rich Buckler, Keith Pollard and Jerry Bingham supplied the art.

9. Black Panther Vol. 3 #16-20 "Killmonger's Rage"

This was Christopher Priest's return to the classic McGregor stories with his take on the Black Panther/Killmonger relationship.

Sal Velluto handled the artwork.

8. Black Panther Vol. 4 #1-6 "Who is the Black Panther?"

This was Reginald Hudlin's first story arc on Black Panther, as he re-introduces the Black Panther into the Marvel Universe with a new take on Wakanda. This began a long run by Hudlin on the title. This was later adapted into an an animated series!

John Romita Jr. did the art.

7. Black Panther Vol. 3 #41-45 "Enemy of the State II"

This intricate storyline by Christopher Priest pitted T'Challa against Tony Stark, with Wolverine thrown into the mix. T'Challa and Stark are so evenly matched that it is nuts and Priest uses their equality to perfect effect.

Sal Velluto was the artist.

6. Black Panther Vol. 4 #39-41 "See Wakanda and Die"

Jason Aaron finishes out the latest Black Panther series with a gripping and bloody storyline where Wakanda fights off the Skrulls - it is about as realistic as a fight against green aliens can be, and it is interesting to see what lengths T'Challa will take to defend his land.

Jefte Palo did the artwork.

5. Black Panther Vol. 3 #6-12 "Enemy of the State"

In this story, Priest shows Black Panther react to the involvement of the United States government in actions against Wakanda. Panther conflicts with his former Avengers teammates, including a stunning revelation.

Joe Jusko, Mike Manley and MD Bright handled the artwork.

4. Black Panther Vol. 3 #26-29 "Sturm und Drang"

Perhaps Priest's most intricate storyline, Sturm und Drang shows that T'Challa's most immediate peers are not so much other superheroes, but rather other MONARCHS, guys like Dr. Doom, Namor and (at the time) Magneto.

However, in this arc, Priest mixed things up by having Panther's strategies NOT work out the way he expected, which is rare for T'Challa.

Sal Velluto did the artwork.

3. Jungle Action #6-18 "Panther's Rage"

Rich Buckler, Gil Kane and Billy Graham supplied the artwork for Don McGregor's epic storyline that introduced a formidable foe for T'Challa - Eric Killmonger.

2. Fantastic Four #52-53 " Introducing the Sensational Black Panther"

This is where it all began! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby give us the introduction of the Black Panther as well as his (then) arch-nemesis, Klaw!

This was right in the midst of Lee and Kirby's perhaps most brilliant period in a legendary comic run.

1. Black Panther Vol. 3 #1-5 "The Client"

This is the beginning of Christopher Priest's run, and it features soon-to-be-integral-to-the-title character, Everett K. Ross, an agent of the Office of the Chief of Protocol who works as sort of the POV to the craziness of Panther's world, as while T'Challa is visiting the United States, Wakanda suffers a major coup (that has supernatural backing) and thus begins the complicated game of intrigue that would become standard for Priest's run.

Mark Texeira and Vince Evans did the artwork.

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