The Greatest Barbara Gordon Stories Ever Told!

5. "One Man's Hell" Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey #1

Chuck Dixon had been using Oracle for awhile by the time he decided to give her her own title, choosing to pair her with Black Canary, who was pretty much in limbo at the time. This world-spanning adventure has amazing artwork from Gary Frank and John Dell and quickly showed how great of a pairing these two heroes were!

4. "Oracle--Year One: Born of Hope" Batman Chronicles #5

John Ostrander and Kim Yale were the ones who "saved" Barbara Gordon after she was shot and paralyzed in the one-shot The Killing Joke. They sort of celebrate the great job that they did with this "Year One" story in Batman Chronicles. The art was done by Brian Stelfreeze and Karl Story and it was the last job that Kim Yale did before she was tragically taken from us.

3. "On Wings" Birds of Prey #8

To give you an idea of how cool this story was, people are so desperate to read it (as DC never reprinted it) that it still fetched over $50 on eBay! It is available digitally from DC for just $2, though! Anyhow, this story is the first date between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon and it is heartwarming and adorable and funny and just great. Chuck Dixon wrote it and Greg Land and Drew Geraci drew it.

2. "Out of Control" Suicide Squad #48-49

As I noted before, John Ostrander and Kim Yale were the ones who "saved" Barbara Gordon by making her Oracle. She had been a supporting character in Suicide Squad by this point, but this two-parter brought her front and center as the villainous Thinker underestimates her as he tries to track her down. We learn how she became Oracle. Powerful stuff. Geof Isherwood and Luke McDonnell did the art.

1. Batgirl: Year One #1-9

Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty wrote this nine-book maxi-series with their new re-defined origin for Batgirl as well as her early adventures. Meanwhile, the art was by a then-newcomer Marcos Martin (with inks by Alvaro Lopez) and they're just astonishingly good. Chuck Dixon had such a great handle on Barbara's characterization.

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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