The Greatest Alex Ross Stories Ever Told!

5. Earth X #0-12, X

Set in the future, Earth has gone through constant upheavals, especially when a mysterious Plague has mutated much of the world's population and a mysterious new villainous kid named the Skull has killed most of the world's telepaths as he slowly grows an army. The small band of heroes left on Earth have to settle things on Earth before things get out of hand - not to mention the fact that the Earth happens to be gestating a cosmic egg of sorts that is about to hatch! Ross wrote the series with Jim Krueger (Ross also designed all the characters). John Paul Leon and Bill Reinhold did the art.

4. Batman: War on Crime

In this powerful tale by Ross and Paul Dini, Batman encounters a young boy from the proverbial wrong side of town who ALSO lost both of his parents. Through this young lad, Bruce sees the road not taken and commits himself to making sure that while the OVERALL war on crime might never end, Batman can at least win the battle over this one child.

3. Justice #1-12

After a series of premonitions show that the Justice League of America are going to come across a situation where the entire planet is imperiled and FAIL to save it, the Legion of Doom decides that they have to save the world...in their own twisted way, of course. This sets off a series of battles between the two groups that soon brings in pretty much every DC hero and villain Alex Ross felt like dealing with. Ross wrote the series with Jim Krueger and did the artwork with Doug Braithwaite (Ross painted Braithwaite's pencils).

2. Marvels #0-5

Ross and Kurt Busiek re-examine the Golden and Silver Ages of Marvel Comics in this story, with the age of heroes being viewed through the eyes of "everyman" photographer Phil Shelton. Ross' photorealistic art really drove home the idea that these normal people are suddenly seeing SUPERbeings.

1. Kingdom Come #1-4

Ross and Mark Waid deliver this story of a future where superheroes are barely differentiated in their behavior from supervillains. Superman is called out of retirement to put an end to this behavior, but is it too late for him to change things? And is he even the right (Super)man for the job anymore? The handling of the trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman highlights this story, along with, of course, Alex Ross' brilliant painted artwork.

NOTE: Kingdom Come won by just THREE points over Marvels! Wow!

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

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