The Greatest Alex Ross Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Alex Ross Stories Ever Told!


10. Shazam!: Power of Hope

Ross and Paul Dini have Captain Marvel visiting a group of sick children after the wizard Shazam tells him that a child is in danger of losing hope. While almost all of the kids are thrilled to see Captain Marvel, one of the boys at the hospital is distant. Captain Marvel realizes that the boy is having domestic problems with his father. Captain Marvel threatens the dad and goes back and spends more time with the kids. In the end, Captain Marvel learns that the boy Shazam was talking about losing hope was Billy Batson himself, and the visit with the children has renewed Captain Marvel's hope just as much as it helped the children.

9. Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth

Ross and Paul Dini explore the way that reactions to superheroics can be mixed depending on how people perceive the person doing the heroics. For instance, Wonder Woman is viewed by the populace as essentially a goddess and as such, they cannot relate to her. Wonder Woman disguises herself as a "normal" woman and helps some women in disguise and sees how different the reaction is. This teaches her a lesson in how you can't hold yourself out as being ABOVE the people you are setting out to protect.

8. Universe X #0-12, X

After the events of Earth X, the Earth finds itself in a state of disrepair. A cult of crazy folks are trying to put together the Absorbing Man and when they're ready, the now nigh-omnipotent Absorbing Man spells doom for the rest of the world (unless it instead means SAVING the world). Meanwhile, a "Marvelous" child has been born to Him and Her, with Captain America as the child's protector. The forces of the Dead are out to get the child, as Captain America travels the country collecting items of power to protect the kid when all is said and done. When everything comes to a head, not even Death itself is safe. Ross and Jim Krueger wrote the series, with art by Doug Braithwaite and Bill Reinhold.

7. JLA: Liberty and Justice

A virus threatens not only the Justice League but the world itself. The world loses faith in the Justice League, but they come through in the end (as they always do) and the Martian Manhunter explains that the League draws as much inspiration from the people of the world as the people of the world draw inspiration from them. Ross and Paul Dini produced this comic.

6. Superman: Peace on Earth

Ross and Paul Dini show Superman trying to do something about world hunger and realizing that it is not so easy to affect change on the world.

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