The greater crime is that they call them 'Freddy Krueger claws'

UK customs officials at Coventry's international postal hub have seized steel claws that the Telegraph describes "as similar to those worn by Robert Englund in Wes Craven's Nightmare On Elm Street films."

Of course, as any self-respecting comics nerd knows, the Telegraph is wrong: They're claws similar to those wielded -- snikted? -- by Wolverine. Freddy has four claws that extend from gloves on each hand; Wolverine has three.

This is at least the second time this year officials have confiscated "hand claws," considered offensive weapons under British law, from the Parcelforce depot near Coventry Airport.

The Telegraph reports that drugs, imitation weapons and "a package containing thousands of fake Viagra tablets" have been seized at the hub in recent months. Presumably, they weren't all destined for the same address.

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