The Goon Still Lives: David Fincher 'Undeterred,' Dedicated to Movie

Actor Paul Giamatti unknowingly spilled an ocean of digital ink last week when he suggested the long-brewing CG-animated adaptation of Eric Powell's The Goon had run out of money. Powell jumped on Twitter and his blog to explain that producer David Fincher was still trying to make it happen.

Powell updated his blog post with new information and comments from both Giamatti, who voices Franky, and Fincher. First, Powell recounted an email from Giamatti that we'll just copy and paste here:

I just got an email from Giamatti saying he feels like a douche that this became a topic. He did say that he facetiously muttered, "Maybe they can't get the money.", but never said anything about money drying up. But as everyone knows, this is how the internet works. He also said I could declare him full of crap and a nuisance... which would only make him more suited to play Franky, but are completely untrue. His time already devoted to this project is greatly appreciated.


Powell also quoted Fincher as saying: "The things that make the Goon so completely unique are, unfortunately, more than mere concerns to corporate Hollywood. The problem is trying to work it through the Play-Doh press that is development and emerge with our dignity and YOUR hard fought independent voice intact. But I am undeterred--this atom can be split."

Powell's The Goon comic follows the titular character as he pals around with Franky and bashes zombie brains while also pretending to work for a mobster he already killed in order to make some scratch.

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