The Good, the Bad, and the COMPLETELY DOOMED

San Diego, CA - We turn the lights on before entering a dark room, and look over our shoulders when walking alone at night. Avoid crossing black cats. Lock your doors, and make sure no one is hiding in the back seat-or under the bed. It's amazing how we go out of our way to avoid the frightening or unexpected… but it has nothing to do with IDW Publishing's horror publication, Doomed.

In fact, Doomed, originally released as a series of black & white horror magazines, a throwback to mags of yesteryear, is a celebration of the creepy and eerie feeling one might associate with an unexpected thump in the night, a shadowy figure lurking in an alley, or maybe discovering that your son is, in fact, the son of Count Dracula. Okay, so the last one is a bit of a stretch in most cases, but if you're not looking for a taste of the horrific and terrifying, then stay away from Doomed. But for the rest of you brave readers-the sort of folks with a taste for the nasty bits of life's dark side-Completely Doomed, a comic book-sized trade paperback collection of all four issues of the magazine, is exactly what you've craving.

This special trade paperback compiles tales originally written by Robert Bloch, Richard Matheson, David J. Schow, and Paul F. Wilson, adapted by comics artists like Ashley Wood, Ted McKeever, Eduardo Barretto, Kristian Donaldson, Toby Cypress, and many more. One such story is the Eisner-nominated "Blood Son" by Wood and Chris Ryall, adapted from Matheson's tale of the potential son of the aforementioned Count Dracula, accompanied by fifteen others of wretched excess and predestined downfall. But not one to be left out, Ms. Doomed is back to oversee the entire affair, bringing a series of pinups and a complete cover gallery from Wood and fellow Spectrum Award-winning painter Jeremy Geddes, too.

"Having a chance to pay homage to the great Warren publications I loved as a kid, coupled with having a chance to work with Richard Matheson and these other writers (or their estate, in Robert Bloch's case) made this one of the most creatively satisfying projects I've been associated with here at IDW," said Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall, who adapted many of the stories in this collection. "If these comic versions of their short horror fiction inspire people to check out other works by these great writers, that would be even better."

COMPLETELY DOOMED (ISBN 1-60010-078-3), hits shelves in May 2007 as a 240-page, black and white trade paperback.

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