The Golden Panel Awards recognize New York's contribution to the comic book industry

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The New York City Comic Book Museum, Big Apple Conventions, and Midtown Comics will join together to present the winners of the Golden Panel Awards for excellence in comic book art and storytelling, on November 8th in New York City. These awards are unique from any other awards within the comic book community because they are being hosted in New York City. "It is thrilling to be a part of an event that lets us, as fans and retailers, give back to the talented creators from the comic book community," says Midtown Comics President Gerry Gladston.

"NYC is literally the birthplace of comic books. The offices of Marvel and DC and almost all other publishers have started here and are still here. Artists, writers, creators flock to NYC for inspiration and in turn we should reward them with our own unique NYC style awards presentation. I can't wait," said Mike Carbonaro of the Big Apple Comic Con.

What better city to host them in then in New York City, which has seen so many historic firsts:

* the publication of the first Comic Book in 1934

* home to the two giants Marvel and DC, and dozens of independents

* site of the first comic book convention

"Comic book creators work just as hard as those of any other arts and entertainment field. Creating an awards ceremony to celebrate their talent is a great way to show our appreciation, and hopefully continue to raise awareness for the medium," said David Gabriel, Executive Director of the New York City Comic Book Museum.

Ballots for these awards can be obtained online at www.nyccbm.org under the Golden Panels section or at Midtown Comics (www.midtowncomics.com) in Manhattan next week. Nominations can be emailed back to the NYCCBM at nyccbm_updates@hotmail.com, through November 1st. The top four nominees in each category will be announced prior to the event. Awards will be given out at a special gathering on the evening of November 8th at the National Comic Book, Toy, and Sci-fi Expo in NYC, open to all convention attendees. Ticket information available at www.bigapplecon.com.

The New York City Comic Book Museum started its mission in 1999 to preserve the historical and artistic legacy of comic book culture, place it in the context of a changing society, show its usefulness in educating and entertaining, and instill in audiences the value and joy of this rich American heritage. It is the nation's only museum dedicated to the art of the comic book. The NYCCBM has concentrated on its outreach programs with traveling exhibits, industry gatherings, panel discussions, virtual exhibits and comic book promotions all around the city and the country. The museum is searching for its permanent home to serve as a research facility, library, and showcase for comic books and the creators of this American art form.

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