The God Machine (Preview Book)

Story by
Art by
Chandra Free
Cover by

Stricken with grief from the death of his girlfriend, Sith, Guy Salvatore struggles day-to-day to make sense of his world. He's plagued with hallucinations of monsters that torment him with outrageous requests and threaten his life wherever he goes. He's unsure if these manifestations are real or are being invented by his own sickened mind.

A man calling himself Satan holds the answers to Guy's woes. Satan's twisted tongue removes the tragedy of Sith's death, and restores hope with the promise of her being alive. But there's a catch... It seems that the two Gods that govern all of existence let her be stolen from her world by an unknown force. Now she is floating aimlessly in and out of dimensional planes known as the "Dream Worlds." Satan implores Guy to take action and call upon his latent power to break through his world's plane, search out Sith, and take vengeance upon the vile Gods that caused this atrocity.

What's a "Guy" to do? Especially when you think you're going out of your skull, and a suspiciously cliche and creepy man in a graveyard tells you that your dead girlfriend is alive.

Join Guy as he battles his perceptions of reality and starts to discover things that go beyond his world and into another.

An ongoing psychological drama-comedy about life, love, the politics of Gods, and everything you wanted to know about existence, but were afraid to ask!

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