The Girl Who Would Be King Chapters 17 - 20


When I wake up in the abandoned building it’s late afternoon judging by the sun and I feel new, like I have been slumbering in a cocoon and am now emerging strong; like being reborn.  My clothes look the opposite of new however, stiff and caked in dark blood. I unzip my bag and pull out some of the few items of clothing I own and change into them, testing my muscles as I stretch, my mind swimming about what I should do next.

I’ve had doubts about finding Jasper ever since he didn’t come for me six years ago, and they’ve only been compounded since things have gone so horribly awry for me since leaving the home.  But when you hold onto something so tightly for twelve years it’s hard to let it go.  Maybe impossible.  He’s still all I want in this whole world.  If he doesn’t want me around, he’ll have to tell me himself.



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