The Gifted: Magneto’s Legacy is a Major Factor in Season Finale

In The Giftedneither the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants seem to exist. They're mentioned in passing reference, but they aren't active players in the game. For the Mutant Underground's Lorna Dane -- aka Polaris -- that means that she'll have to come face-to-face with the legacy of Brotherhood leader Magneto, her father. In the previous episode, Lorna had a conversation with one of the Stepford Cuckoos, who forced her to admit who her true father was.

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Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Emma Dumont spoke about how tonight's two-hour season finale will have the magnetism-based mutant contend with being Magneto's daughter. According to Dumont, they definitely share the same beliefs that mutants should rise up, something that's built plenty of tension between her and Caitlin Strucker. According to her, Magneto's the whole reason for the final pair of episodes for the season, despite not being seen at all.

"She basically needs to decide if she’s going to own it...We know the Polaris we see now," teased Dumont, "but we don’t really know Polaris in the past." The season finale won't just dig into Lorna's past, but also really show what she's capable of at her full power. "Let’s just say she does something very difficult and tricky that she’s never done before.”

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Premiering Monday nights on Fox, The Gifted stars Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Sean Teale, Blair Redford, Percy Hynes White, Natalie Alyn Lind, Jamie Chung, Emma Dumont, Coby Bell and Skyler Samuels.

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