The Gifted Character Posters Tease Season 2's Mutant Uprising

It's been almost six months since The Gifted wrapped up its first season finale with a cliffhanger that saw the mutant resistance fractured down the middle, and finally we have a little taste of what will be coming in the second season of the X-Men series.

The writers of The Gifted shared a series of character posters on their Twitter account, showcasing all the major players of the series. Along with the hashtag #MutantUprising, the writers are clearly teasing an explosive Season 2.

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The posters all feature a theme of duality, with two character superimposed on one another -- one blue and one red. This seems to hint at the major confrontations of the season, with characters from opposing sides bound to fight each other. Polaris and Elipse, the opposing leaders of the mutant factions are featured on one, while another showcases the Stepford Cuckoos and Agent Turner.

We will find out more about Season 2 of The Gifted at San Diego Comic-Con, where the series is bound to have a panel revealing all we need to know about the story ahead. Check out the official posters below:

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Returning for Season 2 Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, Fox’s The Gifted stars Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker, Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker, Sean Teale as Eclipse/Marcos Diaz, Jamie Chung as Blink/Clarice Fong, Coby Bell as Jace Turner, Emma Dumont as Polaris/Lorna Dane, Blair Redford as Thunderbird/John Proudstar, Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren Strucker, and Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker.

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