The Gifted's Grace Byers Introduces Season 2 Villain Reeva Payge

Meet Reeva Payge. In The Gifted Season 2, this Hellfire Club alum aims to start a revolution with powerful mutants like Polaris, the Frost sisters and Andy Strucker at her side. Equipped with a ruthless attitude and a sonic scream, Reeva will do whatever it takes to establish a mutant homeland, a sanctuary away from human violence and prejudice. After all, if her past experiences are any indication, this is the only way to keep herself and her loved ones safe.

Speaking to CBR, Reeva Payge actor Grace Byers offered some insight into her character. She discussed Reeva's goal to create a mutant state and the experiences that led her to this decision. She also teased Reeva's view of the Mutant Underground, her "careful" position within the Inner Circle and more.

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CBR: Tell me, in your own words, who Reeva Payge is.

Byers: Reeva Payge is my hero. Honestly. She is a woman/mutant who totally believes in a vision and believes in creating something that, yes, we've heard before in the X-Men world, but she is rising up and she's deciding that if someone is going to do it, it's going to be her. And so, knowing all the odds that are stacked against her, knowing what she has to face, knowing what she may have to sacrifice, she is willing to do it, she will show you that she does it and she won't stop until her vision -- which is hopefully the vision for all the mutants in her world -- will come to fruition. With that said, she is -- I would like to the use the word "unstoppable" for her. She is completely indomitable, she's powerful, she's loyal, she's determined, a bit insurmountable, honestly. And she's unapologetic while doing it. Go Reeva!

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