The Gifted: Watch the First Six Minutes of the Pilot Episode

The premiere of Fox’s The Gifted is mere days away, and now the network has released the first six minutes of the show’s pilot episode to wet fans’ respective whistles. The series marks the first time Fox’s X-Men universe has made its way to television.

The series revolves around a family that is being hunted by the government after some members develop mutant powers. References to the mutant holocaust portrayed in Marvel Comics have been scattered throughout Fox’s cinematic X-Men universe. The studio’s Logan imagined a future where the mutant genocide had already taken place. The only mutants remaining were those in hiding, or mutants who were genetically engineered in a lab.

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In The Gifted, Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Caitlin Strucker (Amy Acker) are living normal lives with their children, Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White), until the parents realize their children have telekinetic mutant powers -- a real no-no in this particular future. The four flee their pursuers and eventually find an underground mutant network of supporters. The new sneak peek footage shows a rescue mission going terribly wrong for that network.

Debuting on the Fox network on Oct. 2, The Gifted is a production of Marvel Television created by Matt Nix and starring Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Sean Teale, Jamie Chung, Coby Bell, Emma Dumont, Blair Redford and Natalie Alyn Lind.

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