The Gifted: 8 Mutants Who NEED To Appear (And 7 Who DON'T)

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It's a great time to be an X-Men fanWith the first trailer for The Gifted dropping, it seems X-Fans are going to be treated to a live action series that is officially set in the X-Men universe, joining the loosely tied Legion series on FX. Sure, Legion was a show that followed the mutant David Haller, but it was very much its own thing, deliberately created to feel like it took place in its own universe with only slight nods to the X-Men proper.

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By comparison, the first trailer for the The Gifted not only named checked the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, it also featured the mutant Blink -- who appeared in X-Men: Days of future past and referenced former X-Factor member, Polaris. If that wasn't enough, the series is also directed by X-Men veteran Bryan Singer. With these strong ties to the X-Men film universe in mind, the X-Fanatics here at CBR have wracked our brains to give you our top picks of mutants that need to be in The Gifted, as well as some that really, really shouldn't. Rather than personal preference, each of these characters has been selected for what their look, powers and personality could bring to the small screen.

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David Bond is a mutant who would easily fit into the world of The Gifted. Like his mutant name suggests, Hijack has the ability to take over and control vehicles. This ability means he can control something as small as a motor bike or something as huge and powerful as the S.H.I.E.L.D Hellicarrier! With this in mind, it is clear he is exactly the sort of rough and ready mutant that the fugitive mutants on The Gifted could use.

As well as the utility of David's vehicle-controlling power, it would also be easy, cheap and effective to translate to the screen. All it would take is a pinch of CGI magic to edit out the driver of a vehicle and Hijack's powers could be brought to life.


Even the most talented costume department would struggle to bring the mutant Pixie to the screen without her looking like a mess of bright pink hair and wings. Although she has an iconic look that helps her to stand out in the crowded X-Men roster, Pixie's aesthetic is way too outrageous to work on screen without some serious toning down.

Appearance aside, Pixie's powers would also be somewhat tricky to translate to the small screen. As well as the ability of flight -- thanks to her butterfly-like wings -- Pixie can also create a mist of pink hallucinogenic spores called pixie dust. Although this power works in the comics, it goes without saying that it is way too silly for a show trying to be as serious and grim as The Gifted. 


Sure, they might not be the most obvious pick, but this trio of creepy psychic sisters would be a strong addition to the roster of mutants on The Gifted. The Stepford Cuckoos share a psychic hive mind that grants them an array of powerful psychic abilities, from telepathy all the way to astral projection. Unlike a lot of the other mutants that have been part of the X-Men, the Stepford Cuckoos don't have an elaborate costume or any complex visual features. They are just three blonde girls who look identical.

They might be powerful, but the Stepford Cuckoos' psychic abilities would be easy to portray on screen. Instead of using CGI, some simple dialogue and sound effects would be enough to communicate the Stepford Cuckoos' psychic powers.


It doesn't take a whole lot of explaining to communicate why a mutant with a name like Maggott wouldn't be a great fit for The Gifted. Maggot is a mutant who doesn't have a digestive system, instead relying on two slug-like creatures to provide him with the nutrition his body needs. After being treated to this Maggott meal, Maggott would gain superhuman strength for a short period of time.

Although his power would be a good fit for The Gifted  --  it is powerful, but with clear limitations -- Maggott would never be able to work on screen. Not only would it look overly gross -- Maggot's pets merge into his stomach in order to feed him -- it would also be overly reliant on CGI. Seriously, who wants to have to look at a character who is always accompanied by a pair of CGI slugs?


Boom Boom

Although we don't know too much about The Gifted at this stage, it is clear that the show will involve fugitive mutants on the run from a powerful organisation hunting them down. This setting makes the series a perfect showcase for mutants with weaker but still useful powers. Tabitha Smith -- the mutant known as Boom Boom -- is a prime example.

Boom Boom has the ability to create small, marble-sized balls of plasma called time bombs. These bombs explode with concussive force, making them perfect for taking out enemy goons or unwanted obstacles. As well as being super useful for escaping the evil folks at Sentinel Services -- the evil organization chasing mutants in The Gifted -- they would also be very easy to pull off from a special effects standpoint.


Skin Gen X

A quick peek at the mutant Skin should tell why he would be a terrible fit for The Gifted -- and let's be honest here, any live-action X-Men property... well, other than the time he showed up on that Generation-X TV movie in the '90s! Skin's mutant power is that he possesses a whole lot of extra skin, so it's not just a clever name. Just one look at this unlucky mutant and it is clear his power is certainly no gift!

This skin is malleable and can be manipulated into a whole bunch of different shapes and configurations. Regardless of what shape he moulds his extra epidermis into, Skin always looks awkward and creepy. Plus, to make matters worse, his skin is permanently an awful off-grey color. With this in mind, it should be pretty clear as to why Skin's appearance and powers would make him insanely hard to portray on screen.



The trailer for The Gifted gave us a hint into what sort of mutants we can expect to find in the show. So far we know the show will include Polaris, Blink and Thunderbird. Although each of these mutant's abilities are powerful in their own right, they are also straightforward and with clear limitations. With this in mind Armor -- aka, Hisako Ichiki -- would make a great fit for The Gifted.

Not only is her ability easy to explain and visualize -- she can generate a psionic exo-skeleton -- it has fairly clear limitations, as this exo-skeleton is only able to cover her own body. As well as her great ability, the inclusion of Armor -- who originally hails from Japan -- would also make for a more varied and diverse cast.


Marrow From X-Men

There are a few different reason why the mutant known as Marrow would not make a good addition to The Gifted. For starters, like Maggott and Skin, her power is pretty disgusting. Marrow is able to grow her bones at an accelerated rate. This means her body is often covered in sharp protruding bones which she can break off to use as weapons like spears and javelins. Sure, this might be effective, but it is also ultra-gross.

The second reason relates to her secondary ability, her increased healing factor. Such an ability could be too powerful for the supposedly rag-tag group of fugitive mutants populating The Gifted. If Wolverine and Deadpool have taught us anything, it is to never underestimate the power of a healing factor, but it could also lessen the threats that could be facing our young heroes in the show.


In many ways, Blindfold -- aka, Ruth Aldine -- is the perfect fit for a show like The Gifted. For starters, she is a young character who -- when we first meet her -- has not really explored or developed her mutant powers. Blindfold possesses an array of physic abilities that have increased in power during her time with the X-Men. Just as her powers have grown and evolved during her time in the comics, they could also grow during the -- hopefully -- multiple seasons of The Gifted.

Powers aside, there is another key reason why Blindfold would make a great addition to the roster of mutants in The Gifted: her costume. Blindfold's costume, as simple as it is, offers something visually striking, consisting of a plain white blindfold covering the part of her face where her eyes would be.


The main reason why the mutant known as X-Man should be excluded from The Gifted is pretty straightforward: he is far too powerful! Nate Grey possesses an impressive array of powerful psionic and telekinetic abilities that mean he is way too powerful for The Gifted, a show that seems like it will have a very street level feel to it. Seriously, what sort of threat do goons with guns pose when you are capable of controlling minds or throwing huge objects around with a simple gesture!

Even if you disregard his array of insane powers, X-Man's name would lead to a hell of a lot of confusion. (Seriously, who thought naming an X-Men character X-Man was ever going to be a good idea?) Of course, we're really talking about "Nate Grey" -- being the son of Jean Grey in name could offer more in the way of nods than they are immediately willing to give.


Cannonball From X-Men

His folksy charms aside, there is a strong reason why Cannonball -- aka, Samuel Guthrie -- needs to be on The Gifted. That reason is this: his powers would look awesome on-screen. How do we know this? We have already seen them on screen in Deadpool in the form of the character Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and to some extent, in characters like Firestorm on the CW. For the film, Negasonic's powers were changed from their comic book incarnation to be more or less a clone of Cannonball's powers and man did they look badass.

With this in mind, it seems like Cannonball is no-brainier to appear on the show! The only issue is, that due to the strength of Sam's powers his appearance may need to, unfortunately, be fairly short lived. Some Cannonball is better than no Cannonball, though, right?


Glob Herman

Even among the eclectic bunch of mutant characters that make up the students at the Jean Grey School for higher learning, Glob Herman stands out. One look at him and it is obvious why: he is a giant, semi-see-through blob! Glob's skin is made of a bio-paraffin wax that is as flammable as it is transparent. As well as being fairly useless in a combat situation, Glob Herman is a bizarre looking character that can really only exist in the wacky world of comics.

Seriously, there is almost no conceivable way that a character like Glob Herman could be translated to a live action production and work. At best, he would be awkward to look at, at worst he would be a CGI mess.



Let's just say this next mutant would be a great fit for The Gifted  for multiple reasons! Like Jamie Madrox's mutant name, Multiple Man, indicates, he can make duplicates of himself. Lots and lots of duplicates. Although he made a fairly short appearance in X-men: The Last Stand, thanks to the refreshed X-Men cinematic universe timeline, Jamie could be recast to have a more significant role in The Gifted. 

Not only would Multiple Man's power to make copies of himself be relatively easy to show on screen, he could also appear in his capacity as a private investigator and the leader of X-Factor. Sure, the X-Men and the Brotherhood may have gone dark in the world of The Gifted, but what about X-Factor Investigations? It might just be Multiple Man's time to shine!


Magic Quiz Scarlet Witch

Although Fox's X-Men universe has given us two incarnations of Magneto's children -- Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past and Polaris in the upcoming The Gifted -- there is one of Magneto's kids they should stay away from. We are talking about Scarlet Witch. Although the character of the Scarlet Witch -- aka Wanda Maximoff -- could potentially be a good fit for the show, especially given Polaris' inclusion, she should be left out to avoid confusion.

With Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch becoming a key player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including a mutant version of the character in The Gifted could confuse some fans. Plus, given how much of the character we have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe already, involving her in The Gifted would just feel like double dipping.


At a glance, Kid Omega may not seem like a natural fit for the street-level X-Men universe we got a glimpse of in the first trailer for The Gifted. But just think about it: he is a volatile, angry teenager with insanely powerful abilities and a strong dislike of authority. That's right, he has all the right ingredients to be the perfect mutant antagonist.

Sure, we already know that the shadowy organization called Sentinel Services are going to be the main antagonists in The Gifted, but that doesn't mean Kid Omega couldn't be a self styled mutant terrorist -- a reckless freedom fighter that makes life harder for both humans and the mutants he is supposedly fighting for. Given his talent for causing anarchy and instability, Kid Omega could even be the initiator that led to mutants being hunted with renewed aggression.

Who do you want to see in The Gifted, and who do you want nowhere near it? Let us know in the comments!

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