The Gang's All Here With "Angel: Old Friends"

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San Diego, CA (August 29, 2005) When Joss Whedon's classic character, Angel, returned to comics in the form of IDW Publishing's "Angel: the Curse" miniseries, there was an anxious audience hungry for newadventures based on the character. The miniseries delivered, going back to press twice for issue 1, and was well received throughout itsfive-issue arc. What the series didn't do was satisfy the hunger for newstories that included Angel's supporting cast. Fans wanted more. And nowthey'll have it.

Angel returns in an all-new adventure by the lauded "Angel: The Curse" teamof writers, Jeff Mariotte and artist, David Messina. This time around,Angel is lured back to Los Angeles to bring an end to a string of brutal,yet strangely familiar and vampiric slayings. The case will reuniteAngel-the vampire with a soul-with old friends and old enemies. But someof the roles have changed. This is the event that Angel fans have beendying for-when Angel's supporting cast joins him for a new comic bookadventure.

"This is the story I've been wanting to tell," said writer JeffMariotte. "For a guy who's basically a loner, many of Angel's best moments come from his interactions with the rest of the cast. There'll bea lot of twists and turns for Angel fans in this miniseries, and I hopethey all enjoy where it leads."

The first issue of a five-part miniseries, "Angel: Old Friends #1" debuts in November with 32 full color pages, and covers by David Messina, Tone Rodriguez, Zach Howard, and Lee Kohse.

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About "Angel:"
"Angel" was a spin-off of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" that starred David Boreanaz as Angel, a 200+ year old vampire. After years of suffering under the effects of a gypsy curse, he left Sunnydale and Buffy to move to Los Angeles where he sought to regain his humanity by saving lost souls.

"Angel" was produced by Mutant Enemy, Inc., Kuzui Enterprises, andSandollar Productions, in association with Twentieth Century FoxTelevision.

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