The future of John Porcellino

If you dig minimalist minicomics, then go ahead and climb aboard the CBR mothership for an interview with King-Cat impresario John Porcellino by Alex Dueben. In addition to some impressively direct questions about working with an outside publisher (Drawn & Quarterly) and putting together a collection -- both of which, after all, are outside the legendary self-publisher's wheelhouse -- Dueben draws out some interesting info about Porcellino's future projects:

Is the plan or the hope for D&Q to publish a collected edition of the comic every few years like this?

Yes, the next collection will be called "From Lone Mountain" and will contain material from King-Cat issues 62- 68 or so. We plan on beginning to intersperse the release of the collections with books of all-new material as well.


In addition to your "King Cat" work, you have a graphic novel coming out from Drawn and Quarterly next spring, "The Hospital Suite." I don't know how much you want to say about or where you are in finishing it...

It's one of those "all-new" books I mentioned earlier - my experiences from 1997-98, when I was very ill. That period was the hinge of my life thus far, and when I look back, things are clearly divided into Pre-Illness and Post-Illness. The story has been written for a while now, I just need to draw it.

I think we probably all have events in our lives that divide everything else into Pre and Post; seeing a self-observer as astute as Porcellino tackle his big dividing-line event should be absolutely fascinating.

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