The future is (almost) here: Read comics with Google Glass

If you enjoy reading comics but just can't spare the time to turn the page, click a mouse or, y'know, sit down, we may have the app for you.

Infocom America has created Am Comic, described as "the first platform for viewing comics on a wearable device" -- specifically, Google Glass. The app set to launch later this year, but a beta version of the app will be demonstrated this weekend at Omni Expo in Orlando, Florida.

The company is a subsidiary of Infocom, Japan's largest distributor of digital comics, which is searching for American content providers "to power their applications." The developer contends head-up displays (HUD) provide "an easier and more accessible way to view comics."

With Am Comic, users eventually will be able to use voice commands to view panels, but for now they'll have to be satisfied with tilting their heads or swiping the touch pad.

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