The Future Ends this December in "Overman"

Official Press Release

Berkeley, CA - The future's end is revealed in THE OVERMAN, a five-issue science fiction miniseries event from Image Comics, written by Scott Reed and illustrated by the critically acclaimed artist behind NBM's North Country, Shane White.

"The story is a stark and direct manifesto of the future," says writer, Scott Reed "It's set in a neo-deco futuristic Pittsburgh, and begins much like a detective story. The plot escalates beyond that, into something surreal and incredibly devastating."

Hired killer Nathan Fisher stumbles upon a vast, cryptic plot to merge Mankind with a bio-mechanical species, a scheme that could result in the total enslavement of Earth and beyond. Risking everything, and skirting the edge of madness, Nathan must somehow find a way to stop the mastermind behind this apocalyptic goal; a powerful corporation called Omakon, and their ancient, perverse president, Arnold Reitch.

Fans attending WizardWorld Chicago can get a sneak peek at the first chapter of The Overman, August 10-12th at booth #5206.

THE OVERMAN #1, a 32-page comic with a cover price of $2.99, will be available for order in the October issue of Previews and will go on sale December. For more information, please see www.theovermancomic.com.

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