The Four is with 'Sesame Street's' new 'Star Wars' parody

During its first-ever appearance at Comic-Con International, Sesame Workshop teased a Star Wars send-up -- one in a long, fantastic series of parodies that's included Sons of Anarchy, Homeland, True Blood and Boardwalk Empire -- and now that it's here, it certainly doesn't disappoint.

Called "Star S'Mores," the short sends Luke Piewalker -- complete with pitch-perfect whine -- Flan Solo and Chewie the Cookie on a mission to rescue Princess Parfaita, but only after they find a way to stop Flan Solo (played by Cookie Monster) from eating his co-pilot. The solution, Only One Cannoli suggests, is to use the Four. However, their other mentors have strategies of their own.

Oh, you may wince at the puns, but be sure to notice some of the terrific background details, like the whisks atop the moisture vaporators on Tatooine, the muffin pans and waffle griddle on the wall of the Death Star, and the pint-sized marshmallow Stormtroopers.

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