The Force is with this spectacular $200,000 'Star Wars' painting

Devotees making the pilgrimage next month to Anaheim, California, for Star Wars Celebration should make sure to check out one of the most intricate expressions of Star Wars fandom any of us will likely see: "The 20th Century Space Opera," a 15-foot by 8-foot oil painting by San Francisco artist Robert Xavier Burden.

Employing patterns the artist says combines “French tapestry designs, Moroccan and Persian carpets, Gothic stained glass, and some invented design," the painting features more than 160 Star Wars action figures, as well as depictions of such George Lucas influences as Joseph Campbell and Flash Gordon.

Burden spent more than 2,000 hours over the past 18 months to complete, which helps to explain the $200,0000 price tag for "The 20th Century Space Opera." If you're not quite ready to sell off your X-Wing to buy the painting, you can preorder a print for $250 from the artist's website.

(via Uproxx)

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