'The Force Awakens' was Meant to Open with Luke's Hand and Saber Falling to Jakku

Mark Hamill -- who plays Luke Skywalker in the "Star Wars" film franchise -- recently shed some light on a fan theory that for a time was an accurate prediction of the way that "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" would open.

If you've seen "The Force Awakens," you know that the film opens with a super star destroyer crossing over the planet Jakku. Then the film cuts to Poe Dameron entering the tent of Lor San Tekka and the film kicks off from there.

According to Hamill, who recently did an interview with the UK publication The Sun, the first shot of "The Force Awakens" was meant to be Luke Skywalker's severed hand from "Empire Strikes Back." It would have been floating though space, still gripping his father's blue lightsaber. The hand would have then dissolved as it entered Jakku's atmosphere, and the saber would have landed on the surface of the planet.

According to the Nerdist this was a fan theory that had surfaced online a few years before "The Force Awakens" hit theaters. In The Sun  interview, Hamill recounts how many different fan theories he read online, and how this was the only one people were actually correct about.

JJ Abrams obviously decided that he would save the mystery of Luke's hand and lightsaber for another film. Perhaps "Star Wars: Episode VIII" director Rian Johnson will shed some light on how Luke's lightsaber found its way into Maz Kanata's possession.

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