'The Force Awakens' meets 'Calvin and Hobbes' in this adorable mashup

As if Star Wars: The Force Awakens doesn't have us feeling nostalgic enough, Groot artist Brian Kesinger has channeled Bill Watterson in a series of illustrations that merges the galaxy far, far away with the world of Calvin and Hobbes.

Kesinger, who's also a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios, captures Rey and BB-8 in their makeshift sled, "Spaceman Finn" and his crashed TIE Fighter, and the interrogation of Poe Dameron by one of the bullies of the First Order. But he really strikes a chord with the illustration of a pint-sized Kylo Ren exploring "the forests of Starkiller Base with his imaginary friend," Darth Vader.

“Bill Watterson has been one of my biggest artistic influences," Kesinger tells BuzzFeed, "so it was a fun opportunity to combine two of my favorite things.”

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