'The Force Awakens' Honest Trailer Shows It's Basically 'A New Hope'

There was always a chance the disembodied voice of Honest Trailers would go "full fanboy" for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," but luckily the original narrator showed up to ensure that didn't happen.

Like the two sides of the Force, they tug at the J.J. Abrams sequel, highlighting the many parallels between this film and 1977's "A New Hope" before effectively concluding that it doesn't matter.

“Gear up for a film so desperate to recapture the magic of the first 'Star Wars' it practically is the first 'Star Wars,'” says the original narrator. “Featuring a desert orphan finding a cute droid with top secret information who escapes the Empire thanks to the Millennium Falcon, visits a shady cantina, learns about the Force from a tiny alien, watches a man in black kill her mentor then helps destroy a Death Star by deactivating a shield generator so that X-wings can make a trench run.”

Even the current narrator can concede those points, but adds, "It's so much more than a rehash of everything that made 'A New Hope' great."

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