"The Flash"/"Supergirl" Crossover: 10 Musical Numbers We Want to See

In March, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) made his way to Earth-3 to visit Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), delivering a DC TV crossover fans had been hoping for since the latter hero earned her own series . The Flash's presence on "Supergirl" made for a delightful hour of television which included superhero team-ups against two metahumans, lots of awkward flirting, and a joke about young people on The CW that turned out to come true.

With for its second season, producers were quick to confirm that there would be a four-part crossover involving both shows as well as "Arrow" and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." At the recent Television Critics Association press tour, The CW confirmed that in addition to the four-part crossover, "Supergirl" and "The Flash" will be staging a musical reunion crossover next spring.

Both casts have rich backgrounds in musical theater, with a number of actors appearing on "Glee," "Smash," and Broadway, and Executive Producer Greg Berlanti said the two-part episode will likely take place during Episode 13 of both shows this coming season and feature two original songs and a mix of covers. "Some of you may know my own personal love of musicals and actors who have been in them," said Berlanti, "and we have a number of people who can sing across all the shows who will be making some very exciting appearances in the back half of the year."

In the spirit of showcasing the vocal talent of these actors and imagining how these superheroes could find themselves bursting into song, here are 10 musical numbers (in order of likely chronological appearance in the episodes) we would love to see on the forthcoming "The Flash"/"Supergirl" musical crossover.

1. "Dream On" - Aerosmith

While no villain has been announced for the crossover yet, the prevailing theory is that it will be the Music Meister. Since the Music Meister hypnotizes people, singing "Dream On" could be what triggers the dream sequence in everyone in the first place. Another reason why "Dream On" would be a perfect song for the Music Meister to sing is because of the Neil Patrick Harris/"Glee" connection. Harris voiced the Music Meister in the animated series "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" and he sang "Dream On" as a duet with Matthew Morrison on "Glee." While there's nothing official tying Harris to the role in live-action, we're certainly not against it, and the song could be a great way to tie the history the of character together with past versions.

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