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“The Flash’s” Violett Beane Is Ready to Hit the Fast Lane as Jesse Quick

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“The Flash’s” Violett Beane Is Ready to Hit the Fast Lane as Jesse Quick

“The Flash’s” roster of speedsters keeps growing, and while Earth-2 refugee Jesse Chambers has yet to display her of fleet-footedness onscreen, fans of the character’s comic book incarnation know it’s just a matter of time before Jesse Quick is racing through the streets of Central City.

In the comics, Jesse’s father is yet another speedster, Johnny Quick, a hero who’s footsteps she races in after learning his secret equation that allows them both to tap into the Speed Force. And while actress Violett Beane‘s Jesse is the daughter of Earth-2’s Harrison Wells, considering her father is the inventor of Velocity-9, a drug granting its user super speed, it’s no wonder fans are asking when Beane will don a superhero suit rather than if she will.

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Ahead of tonight’s episode, Beane spoke with CBR about the reasons for Jesse’s return to Central City, whether she knows of the identity of Jesse’s mother, and why she’s excited at the prospect of getting her own supersuit in the near future..

CBR News: Jesse started out as Zoom’s prisoner. How has that traumatic event affected her?

Violett Beane: She was able to get some consolation from everyone on the team. Everyone has dealt with some situation with Zoom. It definitely struck something in her. When we saw her run away two episodes ago, she ran away because of what she found out about her father. She also needed a breather. Ever since she got to Earth-1, it’s just been go, go, go. She needed time to understand what had happened to her. Hopefully when she comes back, she’s a bit stronger and aware of who she is now.

How would you describe Jesse’s relationship with her father, Harrison Wells?

She absolutely, 100 percent loves him. It’s like any parent/child relationship; there are times when you fight, and there are times when you love each other. That is playing out as well. Right now, she is a little confused as to who he is. In this next episode, Jesse is going to do everything she can to help the team, and find her dad.

Jesse has been AWOL for weeks. What brings her back to Central City in “Back to Normal?”

Barry comes to Jesse asking for her help. One of the villains has taken Harry, and if anything is going to bring her back from this moment in life, it’s going to be saving her dad. It’s very poetic that she has to search for him now, just like he searched for her over a lot of this season. That’s going to be really beautiful, and hopefully they’ll reunite.

How does Jesse fit in with Team Flash and their crusade to take down Zoom?

She is extremely smart, so she’s going to be able to help in that aspect. You saw Zoom, at the end of last episode, grab Caitlin. She might be able to fill in [Caitlin’s] spot a little bit. If Caitlin is gone for however long, they are going to need that extra hand on the team and in S.T.A.R. Labs. Jesse is going to fit in pretty well.

Who Jesse’s mother is remains a mystery. What kind of discussions have you had about the subject?

On Earth-1, Harrison is married, but then she gets killed when Reverse Flash takes his identity. It could definitely be her. They are keeping it very open-ended. Hopefully we find out at some point, because that would be a really interesting storyline.

How cool would it be if her mother was Liberty Bell like in the comic books?

Oh, yeah. That would be amazing!

What else can you share about what’s in store for Jesse in the upcoming episodes?

She’s going to get used to her life there and figuring out her place and helping the team ultimately destroy this insanely scary villain. He’s haunted multiple Earths, and it’s her issue now, too. It’s not a problem she can scoot away. You are going to see her helping everyone and hopefully take Zoom down.

The obvious question is whether Jesse will become the speedster Jesse Quick. How excited are you about the prospect?

I am very excited. I think it may happen, because there have been so many hints about it. If, and when that does happen, I cannot wait. I’ve talked to everyone about their own suits, and they love them. They put them on and they were like, “I feel like a superhero. I feel so cool.” I can’t wait to see if that happens to me, where I put it on and feel that way, too.

Is there a version of Jesse Quick’s costume that you fancy?

If they do it, the suit won’t be quite like the ones in the comics. I like the Liberty Bell on it. That’s a sweet sentiment. I like more of the maroon color that the Flash in our show wears. What they make is so great. We’ll see!

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