"The Flash's" Teddy Sears Promises 'Satisfying' Masked Man Reveal in Season Finale

The revelation that Zoom is none other than trusted ally Jay Garrick left Barry, Cisco and especially Caitlin in shock. It also presented "The Flash" cast and the show's audience with more questions than answers. Now, actor Teddy Sears has shared some clues as to what's ahead for his characters -- Zoom and Jay -- and what it means for Team Flash.

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Ahread of next week's Zoom-centric "Flash" episode, Sears has spoken up about his character's origin story, Zoom's close connections with Barry Allen, and when the identity of the masked man in the villain's Earth-2 prison is going to be revealed. According to Sears, the Jay Garrick Team Flash knows has been Hunter Zolomon all along, and his back story will be revealed in this week's episode, "Versus Zoom."

"What's really exciting about going and looking at Hunter Zolomon's origin story is that it very closely mirrors the Barry Allen origin story," Sears revealed to Entertainment Weekly. "We're going to see what happened to Hunter as a child look almost exactly like what happened to Barry when he was a child. One man went one way and one man went the other." (You can catch a glimpse of that origin story in the trailer for "Versus Zoom" below.)

Asked whether Zolomon truly fell in love with Caitlin or whether it was another aspect of his evil plan, Sears responded, "While there were games being played on all the other members of S.T.A.R. Labs, what he felt for Caitlin was the real deal. There are real feelings there. There's even an under-layer based on where he came from in his life - his origin story - that plays a big part in why he wants her, why he needs her, why he loves her."

And then there's the mystery surrounding the man in the iron mask. According to Sears, the person imprisoned in Zoom's lair will not be revealed until the Season 2 finale, though he promises it will be worth the wait, saying "[the reveal] will be quite satisfying."

There are only six more episodes of the season of "The Flash," and there is a lot to look forward to, including the masked man revelation, Katie Cassidy's guest spot as Earth-2 Laurel Lance, and the episode directed by Kevin Smith.

"The Flash" airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 p.m.

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