The Flash’s Rogues: 10 Supervillains Ranked From Least To Most Powerful

The Flash has one of the most iconic rogues' galleries in comic book history. The Rogues are a team consisting of most of the Flash’s supervillains who use their tools and abilities to commit robberies across Central and Keystone City.

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This list's entries are only the ten most iconic members of The Rogues, so speedsters like Reverse-Flash and Zoom are exempt as they are technically not part of the team and often at odds with the thieves.

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10 Trickster

Essentially The Flash’s version of The Joker, James Jesse was the son of a pair of circus performers. He never truly received the love and attention of his parents, so Jesse pulls trick after trick in a pathetic attempt to make them proud.

Trickster has an entire arsenal of gadgets and gizmos that keep the Fastest Man Alive on his toes. These include, but are not limited to, sneezing powder, explosive rubber chickens, sonic disruptors, explosive chewing gum, and many more. He even has a pair of Anti-Gravity boots, perfect for floating away from The Flash, who obviously can not fly.

9 Captain Boomerang

Digger Harkness was born in Australia as the son of a Central City toy manufacturer, who sent boomerangs to his son down under. When turning to a life of crime, Harkness adopted his toys as his moniker and began terrorizing The Flash.

Digger can throw his boomerangs incredibly fast with deadly accuracy. After he died, Digger’s son, Owen, inherited his father's weapons but also had speedster powers to back them up. When Digger was resurrected by the White Lantern, he gained the ability to make boomerang energy constructs.

8 Golden Glider

Lisa Snart is the kid sister of Captain Cold, the leader of The Rogues. She was on her way to becoming an Olympic skater but eventually joined her brother in a more exciting life of crime. While the original Glider did not have any powers or skills outside of skating, her New 52 origin tells a different story.

After the Rogues merged with their weapons, Lisa gained an assortment of abilities that suited her name more accurately. She is an intangible astral projection emitting from her body, which lies in a hospital bed. Lisa cannot be harmed.

7 Pied Piper

Pied Piper in The Flash

Hartley Rathaway is the only Rogue who allies with The Flash after his life of crime and remains on the right side of justice. A deaf son of billionaires, Hartley became fascinated with sound, and the power it held.

When he was a criminal, Piper used his sonic weaponry to help him as a thief. His flute was able to shatter glass, hypnotize animals (and sometimes even people!), and even vibrate himself at a certain frequency that left him invisible. It’s a good thing he’s on the side of the angels now.

6 Heatwave

Mick Rory is the living embodiment of the word pyromaniac. As a child, he set his house on fire and trapped his family inside. Rory didn’t want them to die, he wanted to run and get help, but he was too entranced by the flames. After becoming partners with Captain Cold, he received a modified flamethrower that has become synonymous with Rory himself.

As Rory said himself, Flash’s boots are used to the friction of running twenty times the speed of sound, yet Rory’s gun melts the fabric and rubber instantaneously. The heat from his gun was even able to melt Black Lantern rings during the events of Blackest Night.

5 Captain Cold

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Leonard Snart is probably the most well-known member of The Rogues, and for good reason. He and his cold gun achieved the impossible: Absolute zero. Absolute zero is the temperature where all particles stop moving.

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In real life, it is mathematically impossible to cool a molecule to have no heat. But in the comic book world, it’s the perfect ability against the fastest man alive. The cold gun also can produce a cold field, which drastically slows down any object that enters its reach.

4 Mirror Master

Both Sam Scudder and Evan McCulloch used the same technology during their respective terms as Mirror Master, so it is safe to lump these two together. The Master's mirror clones are more than enough to distract The Flash for long enough to escape, and his illusions rival the likes of Mysterio.

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However, Mirror Master’s greatest abilities are his large scale ones. With the help of another villain, he managed to transport the entirety of Keystone City inside the Mirror Dimension, a place only he and his allies can access. Scudder also was able to summon monsters from the Mirror Dimension, made of broken glass.

3 Weather Wizard

Mark Mardon was on the run from the police when he barged into his brother’s observatory to hide. Mardon’s brother was killed and Mark stole his sibling's technology, the Weather Wand. Mardon uses the weapon to create large scale storms that constantly terrorize the citizens of Central and Keystone City.

Mardon can make it snow in the summer, create a cyclone the size of a skyscraper, and can hurt The Flash with lightning. He also can create thunderstorms inside living things, causing an unpleasant result. It was revealed Mardon doesn’t actually need the wand to use his powers, so his true potential has yet to be revealed.

2 Top

Roscoe Dillon is seen as one of The Flash’s most ridiculous villains, but he can do much more than just spin fast. During the Identity Crisis tie-ins and Rogue War, we see the villain's true power levels. Top has the ability to return from the dead, inhabit people’s bodies, and even flip the psyche of anyone he feels like.

Every Rogue that gave up crime during Rogue War was actually orchestrated by Top. In flashbacks, we also see Top easily speeding alongside Barry Allen after he was lobotomized into becoming a hero. Read up on him, you won’t be disappointed.

1 Abra Kadabra

Abra Kadabra is definitely the most powerful villain to ever be a member of The Rogues. He traveled back in time from the 64th century and uses future technology to commit crimes in Central City. There is no one on this list who hates Wally West more than Abra, who uses his abilities to turn the most powerful superheroes into literal puppets.

Abra's “spells” are on the level of reality manipulation, and he even took Linda Park out of time and space, and the memories of all of her loved ones. Keep in mind, he was recruited by none other than Doctor Manhattan to set the events of Rebirth in motion.

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