"The Flash's" Peyton List on Lisa Snart's Moral Compass, Uneasy Alliances

Lisa Snart's trips to Central City usually end in crime capers and run-ins with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). Not this time. When her older brother, Leonard Snart, AKA Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), gets kidnapped, Lisa turns to Team Flash for help. However, Lisa's concerns may be misguided when it's revealed Cold has teamed up with her father, Lewis (Michael Ironside), for one big heist.

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Ahead of tonight's episode, "Family of Rogues," Peyton List, who plays Lisa Snart, AKA the Golden Glider, spoke to CBR News about Lisa's family tree, her relationship with Captain Cold, whether she'll ever sport her comic book costume, and flirting with Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes).

CBR News: After "Rogue Time," were you surprised to be back on "The Flash" or had the producers hinted they weren't finished with Lisa?

Peyton List: I feel like they hinted she might come back here and there as the story dictated. I don't think I realized it would be so soon and that it would be as quickly condensed. Obviously, I was ecstatic because it's such a blast to do the character and be up in Vancouver with the other actors. I wasn't complaining.

Lisa and Leonard may be siblings, but how would you compare their moral compasses?

I'm not entirely sure. They are siblings. Their brains work differently. Their motives aren't always the same. They do have a sense of loyalty to each other because they are brother and sister. They share a past. There is a strong bond there, but they always handle the situation differently. Lisa is usually prepared for Leonard to take the lead and be the ring leader of the Rogues. Obviously, she's her own person and has different ways of handling the scenario.

Do you feel she would have any qualms about killing someone?

That's a very good question. Lisa's motives aren't always pure. It may depend on the circumstances. Her bond to Captain Cold is very strong. If her hand was forced, I don't know how she would handle that. She is certainly someone who tends to act first and think later. I don't know how that would pan out down the line.

What puts Lisa back on the Flash's radar?

Lisa is trying to garner allies. She's found herself starting to figure out that if she's in a bind, who can she turn to? That brings her back to Central City.

The episode introduces their father, Lewis, to the series. What is family time like with the Snarts?

We know from what was established on this version of "The Flash" that it's a very strenuous relationship with their father, but it's not really touched on in the episode. We talk about him. We know that he's out there, there's probably some bad blood and not much more than that. You actually do get to meet their father and it answers a lot of questions. It also expands on the story. It's an ever-evolving relationship and a lot of things happen in that episode that really crystalizes what that relationship actually is like.

Does it also fill in some of the blanks of why Lisa and Leonard turned to a life of crime?

It does explain a lot. Leonard and Lisa have been exposed to crime, have been exposed to making the right choice, and they've still chosen what they've chosen. They still have their own moral compass, which may not always be as pure as Barry Allen's. That's what makes it fun.

Despite being on opposite sides of the law, Lisa and Cisco are extremely flirtatious. What can viewers expect when they meet up again?

It's just seeing that relationship a little bit more and what it's evolving into. There have been a few exchanges and a few one-upping each other on who has the upper hand in the dynamic between them. You get to see a lot more of it and how it develops further. As an actor, I love that relationship they have. It's very different from any other character's flirtation or relationship. It's not your run-of-the-mill romance. It's a game for both of them at times. Then, it also has some very sweet and sincere feelings underneath of it.

How much of that teasing is part of Lisa's bag of tricks as opposed to liking Cisco?

I think it's part of her bag of tricks, but the Cisco character is so different than a lot of men she comes across. It changes the game for her. She's probably spent a lot of time manipulating men to get what she wants. With Cisco, she has a soft spot for him, for whatever reason. She's like, "What a good person he is." That changes how she feels about the situation. You see something is a bit different about how she acts toward him and how she would act toward a man she needs to get something from.

In a universe full of heroes and villains, how would you feel if Lisa adopted her trademark colorful costume?

I feel like sometimes the storyline dictates the fashion. Sometimes wearing the Golden Glider outfit, in all her glory, isn't always appropriate for what's going on in the scene. You do get a treat because it seems like every time I am in town, Lisa has more golden accessories and gadgets. If I'm not in my full golden outfit, I do at least acquire some more golden trinkets.

This season there's more than one Flash in Central City. Does Lisa get to interact with any of them?

At least in this episode, that is part of the storyline. However, when Lisa comes to town, she's very wrapped up in what's happening in her life and the goals she needs to achieve. She's not always privy to what's going on. That's one of the smarter things that the S.T.A.R. Labs team does, is they don't always let everyone know what's going on. They keep some of their secrets close to the chest.

What else can you tease about "Family of Rogues?"

I guess the one thing I can tease is you see a softer side of Lisa. She doesn't always have it together and she doesn't always have her shiny, golden things on. Sometimes, she's a little less put together. It's nice when you see another side to a character and that they are a little bit more human than they like for people to see.

Most of your scenes previously involve Captain Cold. How has it been working opposite Wentworth Miller?

It's such a dream. He's so wonderful. Anytime I get to share a scene with him, I feel like I learn so much more about Lisa based on his character and what he's doing. It's such a treat when you get to work with an actor like him.

The Rogues aren't going anywhere. What other aspects of Lisa would you like to explore moving forward?

If Lisa turns up in future episodes, it's always about exploring what makes her tick and where her agenda lies, her motives and where they take her and how that affects the Rogues. I'm always surprised when I find something out about her or they've written a story point for her.

"The Flash" airs Tuesdays at 8 P.M. on The CW.

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